Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ron Paul: NSA Head ‘Fudged the Figures’

Former Rep. Ron Paul isn’t buying that NSA surveillance of private American citizens is necessary or has prevented as many terrorism plots as officials claim it has, as was unveiled by hearings today, reports Politico.

“I don’t really believe that because I think they fudged the figures. Of those 50 plots that they stopped, I think 40 were minor plots overseas, for all we know. So they stretched the point. And even these hearings today were a bit of a sham…because they had already decided what the results would be,” Paul said on Fox News on Tuesday. “They have to try to justify their existence of destroying the freedom of and the privacy of the American citizens, otherwise they’re out of work.”

“It’s sort of like the old story about you have to burn the village to save the village. They want to burn the Constitution to save the Constitution,” he said. “And even today, [James] Cole, the Deputy Attorney General says, the Fourth Amendment doesn’t apply to this. Where did he get this brilliance to know when it applies and when it doesn’t?”

“If we can go to war and do all these other things and throw the constitution out the window so casually, you better be sure if you give them an inch, they’re going to take a mile and paint themselves as heroes,” Paul added. “The one thing they don’t do is ever ask the motivation for people wanting to kill us. If we don’t ask that question we can’t stop these problems by just taking more liberties away from the American people. We’re going in the opposite way. We’ve taken away the constitution, we’re supposed to be fighting to save the constitution. It’s completely turned on its head.”

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