Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leviathan: Always There To Make Every Problem Worse

By, Chris Rossini

If there's one area where the government excels, it's in taking a bad situation and making it much worse. No one can touch them. They are the champs.

It doesn't matter if the problem is foreign or domestic; when Leviathan decides to move in on it, watch out!

Many (most) of the problems that it seeks to remedy, it has caused itself. Yet, that doesn't stop the calls for its continued action.

Let's look at some examples:
  • What if the price of a good is rising too fast for government's taste? It usually steps in an enacts price controls. So the item that was once expensive (but available) now disappears from the shelves completely. Get in's ration time.
  • What if government decides that everyone should be able to afford college? It decides to pour billions and billions into the industry via student loans; driving up prices and creating a nation of young debt slaves to boot.
  • What if government thinks wages should be higher for the poor? It raises the minimum wage, hurting the very poor and low-skilled it purports to help by pricing them out of the market. 
  • What if government gets itself too far into debt? It decides to take the advice of bearded professors who tell them that the fix is to increase the debt, so that they can "grow" out of it!
Probably the worst of this insane organization's offenses, is when it seeks to "liberate" people in foreign lands. 

Yes, the group of people who have the ability to add weight to the cross its own citizens must bear, also fancies itself as a "liberator"...and get this...a "humanitarian"!

Naturally, with no understanding of human nature whatsoever, it plunges itself (with guns blazing) into the liberating game.

As can be expected, it takes a bad situation and makes it much worse. Afghanistan is in shambles....Iraq is a complete is Libya.

The next stop on the Liberation Trail is Syria, where as Pat Buchanan accurately states: "what we are about to do will not stop the killing, but simply lengthen the duration of the war and increase the numbers of dead and wounded."

If 90,000 have died, what choice does the U.S. have but to rack that number up even higher? And what better way than sending weapons to members who are affiliated with Al Qaeda?

Yes, the very Al Qaeda that it says it's protecting us from:

So if you need to take a problem and make it much worse, give Leviathan a call.

It's always there to serve you.

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  1. Don't forget how 12 of them try to control the total amount of money and credit of over 300 million other people, to 'maximize employment' and 'stabilize prices.'

  2. Government: If you think that problems we create are bad, just wait to see our solutions.