Friday, June 28, 2013

Who Will Be The Next Emperor of Price Fixing?

By, Chris Rossini

The toady media seems to have had enough of the NSA spying scandal. It's very damning for The State, so they've decided it's best to just let it go. They won't let Snowden go, of course, but looking into the whole spying thing has seen its 15 minutes.

Paul Krugman himself has declared that all recent scandals hold no water, and its time to get back to that woozy and trusting stupor that Americans are so famous for.

Let's get back to the real issues, like choosing the next Fed Chairman!

And so the media flits from one central planner to another, analyzing their credentials like they're comparing baseball cards. All to see who will be crowned to do the impossible.

As libertarians, we can just lean back with our popcorn. For the whole charade is equivalent to sitting through a filming of the movie "Jackass".

As Ludwig Von Mises pointed out many years ago: "A government can no more determine prices than a goose can lay hen’s eggs." 

And if Ron Paul didn't say it a million times, "It isn’t the individuals. It’s not Greenspan, it’s not Bernanke, it’s the system and it’s not viable. They cannot practice central economic planning through the Federal Reserve. They cannot have stable prices, whatever that means. They cannot prevent prices from going up when the time comes for prices to go up."

So the answer to "Who should be the next Fed Chairman?" is a resounding:

"No one!"

Sadly, the mentality of enough Americans has not reached that conclusion yet...Evidently, more (and stronger doses) of economic pain must be experienced first.

So if that's the case, why not have some fun with it? Why not add a nice silver lining to the pain?

Why not (for once) actually agree with Joe Weisenthal?

Someone does have to hold the Greenspan/Bernanke bag.

I can think of no one more deserving that Paul Krugman. That would be textbook poetic justice.

I actually agree with Joe. It would truly be "straight up baller".

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