Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Very Odd Phenomenon Since the Verdict in the Zimmerman Case

Last December, I posted data on how people are murdered in the Unites States.

Since the Zimmerman verdict, traffic to this post has spiked. People are searching for "how are people murdered in the US" and variations of that. Google is sending them to my post. It's about one visit per minute. Overall, it is not a huge amount of traffic for a given post, but it is strong traffic for an old post and it is really odd, in my view, for people to be searching for  "how are people murdered in the US" following the Zimmerman verdict.


  1. Makes sense to me. I'm guessing people are looking up the fact so they can say, "where was the uproar for the X amount of other people that were murdered?"
    But, Trayvon's not another statistic, he's an agenda.

  2. Whenever the long over due cases like these are dragged over a long period of a time, the outcome results are always the same, it does not matter in which part of the world they are to take place it is always end up with 100% is = Acquittal !!! Money played a good part to solve it ! Anyhow Young Trayvon RIP.