Thursday, July 25, 2013

BACKLASH AT THE FED!!!.....Nope, false alarm

By, Chris Rossini

From the standpoint of liberty (or even from any perspective of human decency) the Federal Reserve is the bottom of the barrel.

Very quickly let's review what the Federal Reserve does:
  • Debases the currency by creating dollars out of thin air...It a pickpocket that steals your purchasing power.
  • Seeks to centrally plan the economy via the manipulation of the money supply & interest rates.
  • Creates the boom/bust cycle that has ruined countless financial lives.
  • Funds the mega-Welfare State.
  • Funds the Military Empire. Lots of war thanks to the Fed.
  • Bails out the mega-banks (it's #1 priority).
  • Bails out foreign central banks and governments.
  • Does everything in audits permitted.
The list can be extended much longer, and you'd think it would be enough to cause some outrage. Well, your thinking would be wrong!

This is what causes outrage:
That's right...whether the central planner is a man or women gets people burned up and ready for a fight.

That this charade has lasted for 100 years is a testament to how Americans have been kept totally in the dark. As long as there's adequate entertainment, and the price of food doesn't skyrocket, the establishment has this baby sewn up.

Only economic law can save us now. At some point, the Fed will reach into their top hat to find that there are no rabbits left.

Enough people better understand the above list when that day occurs.

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  1. Lol! When I first found out about the Fed thanks to Ron Paul I figured there would be a whole wave of people dumping their dollars and joining the cause right behind me. But nope! Trayvon Martin getting killed after he attacked someone. THAT'S what gets people's blood boiling in this country.