Monday, July 8, 2013

What the Libertarian Candidate for NYC Comptroller Would Like to Ask Eliot Spitzer

Former madam, Kristin Davis, has been the Libertarian Party candidate for NYC comptroller since April. She is running for the same office that Eliot Spitzer just announced he is running for. NY Daily News caught up with her and asked her what would be her first question to Spitzer during a debate:
"I'll ask his position on prostitution," says Davis. "And if he thinks johns should be arrested and charged just like madams and prostitutes. If he thought it was fair that he was never charged as a john under his new felony law but that I spent four months in Rikers Island from which I returned penniless, homeless, and forced to take sex offender classes for five months with pedophiles and perverts while he returned to his wife in his 5th Ave. high rise without ever being fingerprinted, mug shot, remanded, or charged with a crime under the very law he signed."
But Davis does fear she will not get to debate Spitzer:
 But my guess is that he will use his vast money he used to pay high-priced prostitutes to challenge every single one of my signatures to try to knock me off the ballot.


  1. She's pretty much right, the way to keep third parties off the ballot is to use lawfare and nitpick signature requirements.

  2. If you'd like to see that debate you can support Ms. Davis at

  3. "what would be her first question to Spitzer during a debate:"

    Answer: Was it good for you?

  4. There are certain points that the decidedly adroit readers of this forum might appreciate here. Someone will be the new Comptroller in New York. Who brings what to the table? Spitzer is a lawyer. Stringer is a career politician. Both have scandals in which they violated the public trust and while feigning some contrition there is none. Kristin Davis on the other hand has been completely straightforward in her efforts and she holds a degree in math, budgeting and finance. She also successfully ran a $5 billion hedge fund for ten years. I feel Kristin Davis is the clear choice.