Wednesday, August 28, 2013

American Government Policy: Two Wrongs Always Make A Right

By, Chris Rossini

College Too Expensive? The kids must need loans. Throw more government money at it. Drive prices even higher!

Unemployment Too High? Raise the minimum wage, and make it even harder for the poor, low-skilled and teens to get a job!

Government Schools Haven't a Clue? They must need higher budgets! Nothing succeeds like total failure!

Credit Card Problems? Grab another one! The government does it.

Did Government Screw Up Medicine? ObamaCare!

Debt Ceiling Hit for the 95th time? Let's go for 96!

Record Deficits? They don't matter! Spend...Spend...Spend!

Break the Constitution? Ignore one will notice!

Economy comatose because Fed wouldn't allow liquidation? Artificially hold rates at zero and create more malinvestments!

Dollar doesn't buy squat? Print up trillions more!

Prices rising? Deny it! Just tell them 2%.

Keynesians running on fumes since the '70's? Continue to follow their policies until the tank is bone dry!

A miniscule number of terrorists in the world? Spy on every single American conversation, financial transaction, and movement!

Ron Paul says the terrorists are motivated by U.S. foreign policy? Play dumb...and censor that guy!

Neocon foreign policy disasters in Libya, Iraq & Afghanistan? Attack Syria!

"If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right." - Jerry Seinfeld

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  1. If the govt says inflation is 2%, the govt is not denying that prices are rising.

  2. Great photo to the infamous CBS poll. Is there some sort of compilation of the dozens of times headlines or images or videos were doctored like that by the media? Notice his they don't do this to rand....