Thursday, August 8, 2013

David Adams on Nosegate

Daivd Adams explained to The New Republic the box Mitch McConnell is in as a result of  Jesse Benton's comment that he is holding his nose while managing McConnell's re-election campaign.
David Adams, who managed Paul’s primary campaign in 2010 before being replaced by Benton, told me that the episode shows just what a bind McConnell finds himself in with the conservative wing as he now faces a viable Tea Party challenge from businessman Matt Bevin.
“I’ve been telling everybody who would sit still the last six months that when that relationship [between McConnell and Benton] blows up, it’ll be funny. It’s even better now that we learn that he’s not fired. It just rolls on and on and on,” said Adams. “Think of it from McConnell’s perspective – if he fires him, who does he hire? He doesn’t hire a Tea Party guy, and that throws the Tea Party out the window. He gives up on the idea that he has this symbiotic relationship with Rand Paul that extends to bringing in his campaign manager.” Instead, McConnell must stick with a man whose feelings about his candidate are now plain to all – even though the hiring of that person did not stave off a Tea Party challenge as hoped. “The purpose of having Jesse was having no primary opponent. Now he has a top-tier one. It’s disastrous anyway you look at it.”
There are still nine months until the primary. Pull up your chair, nose plugged or no.

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