Saturday, September 21, 2013

And You Are Concerned About Individuals Carrying Guns?

The real problem is weapons in the hands of government employee. It's time to take weapons away from government.

USA Today reports:
One of two hydrogen bombs that a doomed B-52 accidentally dropped on North Carolina in 1961 came perilously close to exploding, according to a recently declassified report.

The 4-megaton Mark 39 bombs -- each packing 260 times the explosive power of the weapon that decimated Hiroshima -- broke loose over Goldsboro, N.C., as the bomber went into a tailspin and crashed.

All four safety mechanisms designed to prevent accidental detonation worked properly on one bomb, which landed in a meadow, but three failed on the other, and only a low-voltage switch kept it from exploding upon impact in a field in Faro, N.C., said the 1969 report.

Had the warhead exploded, radioactive fallout could have spread over the Eastern Seaboard, hitting Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York.
Government is incompetent and dangerous. The same government bureaucracy that runs the post office, can't win a war in Iraq or Afghanistan, raids the wrong houses during DEA raids, and has failed background check programs for its employees, runs the nuclear weapons program. Think about that for a minute.


  1. The private sector is is incompetent and dangerous too.

    1. Does the private sector fumble around with thermonuclear weapons? Umm no.

    2. all those restaurants handing out cutlery and stuff .....leading to LETHAL OBESITY.

    3. Dude....really. Go TROLL somewhere else.

    4. So the incompetent and dangerous private sector, which is held accountable through tort law, must be managed by an equally incompetent and dangerous government, which however is mostly unaccountable for its actions (as this story demonstrates). Interesting logic--truly a compelling defense of government you've given us, Mr. Wolfgang.

  2. Yeah Jerry, I remember that time WalMart nuked a couple cities. DANGER.

  3. "Government is incompetent and dangerous." Hmmm... I disagree. I think the government is competently dangerous.

  4. Speaking of gun rights, recently Dick Heller of the Heller vs DC gun case, has come out in support of Adam Kokesh