Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Governor Jerry Brown Signs Law Creating $10 An Hour Minimum Wage in California--Highest in Nation

Here's Milton Friedman once again. He was weak on monetary policy and methodology, but he sure understood the dangers of the minimum wage.


  1. If the asset aggregators did not have QE then I could see your point....but the majority of your viewers think their wages are high b/c they did something smart.....QE is a minimum wage on the economy...the lawyers, accountants, university chancellors...etc have all maintained their lifestyles through it all because of it(qe)...the fees they all garner are inflated....the doctors out there all receive their fees from insurers which would have, should have been toast....the inflation is here...the cost of living is too high for too many people....and it's not because of the minimum wage.

    1. two wrongs don't make a right. instead, you now have more problems to deal with.

      when will these idiot politicians understand the notion of cause and effect? you cannot simply treat the symptoms and leave the cause in place

    2. Undo qe...first....then forget about min wage...the poor already know how to do with less...let me see the upper classes come off their lofty perch...want to play fair and square, do it...BUT if you're just looking for a way to suffocate completely those gasping for air...not getting on that train.