Wednesday, September 25, 2013

VIDEO: Peter Schiff Was Right (Taper Edition)

By, Chris Rossini

Great new video to complement the original Peter Schiff Was Right.

The talking head entertainers never learn.

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  1. Schiff has been wrong more often than any other talking head since Sept 2008.

    1. It is hard predict when the market is managed. I would say we no longer have markets. We have prices managed by a group behind a curtain. Hussman has been very wrong about the market, but he right is about the manipulation. How is one put the data together and have the man behind the curtain add another trillion dollars into the bucket. This period will not end well and then we can start all over again

  2. Jerry, you could have said that about Schiff in 04, 05, 06, and 07. His evidence for his predictions is only getting stronger. If the fed can reduce its balance sheet without any problems and the government can move back to little or no deficits with no problems, when you can say Schiff was dead wrong.

  3. That was an awesome video.
    Peter Schiff is The Man.

    This Jerry Wolfgang character on the other hand, I wonder if he gets paid to write? Is he one of those trolling disruptors Ive read about?

  4. NIce video. Peter is one of the few commentators who really understand how the short term political motives of the Fed, and other central bankers, are fermenting a perfect storm for inflation and dollar depreciation. Don't hold gold at your peril!