Friday, September 6, 2013

More Bad Consequences from Obamacare

An insurance agent emails:
Effects of Affordable Care Act:

I am an insurance agent for the nation's largest multiple line insurance company. There are over 17,000 of us, all independent contractors with our own employees, who, like us, are not employed by the insurance company. On September 3rd, the company announced that it would terminate all Group Medical health insurance that our employees (who work for us, not the company) participate in, effective January 1st, 2014, citing the Affordable Care Act and its restrictive underwriting requirements.


  1. Kaiser Family Foundation just released a study proving that the Affordable Care Act will reduce health insurance costs. If your employer is cutting your benefits, it's because the market allows them to cut your benefits. Learn some job skills to increase your bargaining power. Blame yourself.

    1. Your mother must be proud.

    2. Mic, don't feed the troll. Notice that it never responds when it knows the facts (and common sense) are against it, only when it can try to piss us off.


  2. I believe PPACA is intended to shift the burden for health insurance coverage from employers. Who's left to pick it up? A tapped out Uncle Sam, hardly. The people taking it on the chin will be individuals, who'll pay up for crappy coverage, i.e. high deductibles and significant co-pays.