Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MUST VIEW: More Americans Are “Rethinking” 9/11 and Why They Should

Great work by Ben Swann.


  1. People better start rethinking everything....

    Who Do TV Pundits Really Work For?

    And then there are the times when the ideological lines get a little blurry, if they weren’t blurry enough already. Former RNC chair Michael Steele and Fox News liberal Lanny Davis are cable news fixtures — and business partners. Steele’s tenure at the RNC was marked by gaffes and scandal (Washington Post, 4/7/10), while Davis’ history has included working on behalf of the dictators of Equatorial Guinea and Ivory Coast (Salon, 12/21/10).

    In June 2012, they founded the bipartisan-themed Purple Nation Solutions, a communications firm that specializes in “solutions through legal means, political lobbying and media management” for “CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, political leaders, lobbyists and individuals facing a crisis.”

    In fact, it’s difficult to catalog all of the possible conflicts of interest among elite TV pundits. Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell plays a TV liberal on MSBNC — but he’s also an adviser at investment bank Greenhill & Co, as well as an operating partner at a small firm that makes investments in the energy industry.

    Another TV liberal, Harold Ford, who makes frequent appearances on NBC and MSNBC, also has a day job: He works as a senior managing director for the investment giant Morgan Stanley. Columnist Glenn Greenwald (Salon, 7/9/12) called Ford “the walking, breathing embodiment of virtually everything rotted and corrupt about the American political class”—in other words, a ubiquitous TV pundit.
    Once upon a time, such conflicts were considered ethically questionable—once they were exposed by other journalists.

  2. I was watching "Morning Joe" this morning and Willie Geist interviewed the architect for One World Trade. He was two blocks working for a firm when the planes hit. He stated that he was asked by someone if the towers would fall where he stated "No, a steel constructed building has never collapsed due to a fire." I was baffled that he said his on air.Though it would be easy for someone to miss this due to the context of the question.