Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sometimes I Think Feministas Just Want To Be Spotted Hyenas

From Wikipedia:
The spotted hyena is the largest member of the Hyaenidae, and is further physically distinguished from other species by its vaguely bear-like build, its rounded ears, its less prominent mane, its spotted pelt, its more dual purposed dentition, its fewer nipples and the presence of a pseudo-penis in the female. It is the only mammalian species to lack an external vaginal opening.[...]Females dominate males, with even the lowest ranking females being dominant over the highest ranking males.


  1. They're hyenas alright. Although I prefer bitch, harpy, and witch. Kind of like Nancy Pelosi or "Hitlery" Clinton.

  2. I think the American tradition of women being housewives, totally dependent on men, is a terrible idea. Its bad for men and women. Everyone should be as a self sufficient as possible and not live off of anyone else.

    1. I don't think that's what Wenzel was talking about. Feminists are busy trying to create equality of outcome instead of equality of opportunity. That's the problem I think he (and I) have with it. In other words, they're trying to legislate gender away. Not going to happen no matter how bad these fools want it.

    2. If that were the tradition, I would agree. However, what you state is certainly a disingenuous and, at least, a grossly distorted and simplistic version.

      Have men taken advantage of their wives? Of course. Have women fed off their men? Also true. These two examples are also distortions of the true tradition.

      Simply stated, a true view of the tradition can easily be summed up with a description of a real marriage--my own. Did it come easily? No, but after 38 years of pruning off the dead or diseased parts and gently caring for the healthy, this is what you get: Marriage is an equal partnership between husband and wife (male and female). (Would I pass federal laws against homosexual relationships? No more than I would pass laws supporting them. However, calling a Ford, a Chevy, doesn't make it one.)

      These equal decision-making partners share all the family responsibilities and where their talents excel in one area, they are best used in that area. My sweetheart has never belonged, in any way, to our house and so the term "housewife" is not appropriate or applied. She also doesn't in any way belong to me as chattel. She is my best friend and confidant with whom I have no secrets.

      Have her talents been applied to the position of Director of Family and Child Management while mine have been applied to Director of Bacon Bringing? Yep. Is either position more or less important or necessary than the other, or more or less difficult or challenging? Nope. When I came home from work did I wash the dishes and put kids to bed. You bet. I wouldn't have missed the opportunity to contribute, for anything.

      Have we, at times, swapped positions? Yep. Did it bother either one of us? Nope. We serve our family where we are most needed.

      And what is the outcome of this arrangement? Two families with a total of seven children have appeared from our two children. When our children were in their late teens I asked them a very important question: How do you change the world?

      I explained that as they were about to enter the adult world where they would be expected to be self-sufficient and provide a positive contribution to the world, they should understand the answer to that question.

      I continued to explain that Mom and Dad did the best they could in their child-rearing efforts. Some of what they did was good and effective and some, no doubt, were ineffective. The task for the children then is to marry, have children, and then continue to teach those principles they were taught that were good and worked, and discontinue those things that were ineffective. In other words, break the chains of dysfunctional traditions and do not pass them on to your children. And then, when your children get to be old enough, teach them this same principle so that each generation improves.

      That's how you change the world. I think it's a pretty good tradition. It has nothing to do with living "off of anyone else." It does have, however, everything to do with teaching correct principles and then allowing the student to govern themselves. In that tradition you'll find both skinned knees and great triumphs. I think that has something to do with passing on a tradition of liberty.

      I cannot imagine my life without my sweetheart. Not because either one of us is dependent on the other. But because she is as much a part of me as an arm or leg. We selflessly complement one another. We nurture, comfort, and encourage each other. We are the best of friends. And we have worked unbelievably hard to get here. It may seem like a dichotomy but we are, at the same time, completely self-sufficient AND connected. That kind of relationship is neither frivolous nor easily attained. And the outcome continues to be worth every nanosecond of effort.

    3. "However, what you state is certainly a disingenuous and, at least, a grossly distorted and simplistic version."

      Guess you didn't get it. Read my post again.

    4. Mike, I wasn't responding to your post. I was responding to Michael P. Shipley's post. Your post was right on the money!

  3. Mr. Shipley, have you thought out your belief? In most cases wives and husbands make different amounts of money. So if a wife makes $50K and a husband $450K do you want them to each be self sufficient? Each living a different lifestyle - he flying first class while she takes the Grayhound she can afford to vacations? Should they handle groceries like that couple in The Joy Luck Club where the higher earning husband required the wife to write down what each spent on groceries and the lower spending spouse paying the higher spending spouse to equalize contributions? What about child expenses - 50/50 contribution? I am sure that you will agree that marriage is a partnership with the contribution being the total income of both spouses. So if the wife wants to concentrate on being a housewife I see no problem. Judging from the reports in the manosphere, wives are well protected in family court -often to the hardship of the husband.