Saturday, September 7, 2013

Spitzer Shovels 70G to Shady Democratic Group

NyPo reports:
Eliot Spitzer has steered $70,000 in campaign funds to a shadowy group with ties to corrupt former Brooklyn Democratic Party boss Clarence Norman, The Post has learned.
The Brooklyn group, Time for Change Consulting, is run by Musa Moore, a pal of Norman from his days as party leader before he was jailed for accepting illegal campaign contributions during his Assembly races.
“Musa runs that organization, but Clarence is the power behind it,” a Brooklyn political insider said.
In his most recent campaign filing, Spitzer reported paying Time for Change in two installments — of $50,000 and $20,000 — to help the hooker-happy ex-governor win Tuesday’s primary for comptroller.
“They will get larger checks before primary day for GOTV,” the source said, referring to “get out the vote” operations.
As The Post previously reported, Spitzer has tapped other characters with checkered backgrounds to aid his campaign.
They include lobbyist Carl Andrews, also a longtime Norman confidant; former Bronx Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera; and Brooklyn state Sen. Martin Dilan and his son, Brooklyn Councilman Erik Dilan, both of whom have ties to former Assemblyman and accused groper Vito Lopez.
Spitzer, who is locked in a vicious primary battle with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, is banking on strong minority support to put him over the top.
Some polls show a tight race with Stringer handily carrying the white vote and also way ahead among blacks.
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  1. Spitzer relies on maintaining a slight advantage he enjoys in the African-American community. Internet outlets such as YouTube are leaking out material indicating Spitzer is a closet racist. While Spitzer airs campaign spots making him appear well liked among minorities, real stories of how Eliot continues to operate the family business like the hard core racist his father Bernard is are being told by former Spitzer employees that were fired simply for being black. New Yorker's may forgive Spitzer for his illegal and immoral acts as governor and beyond but can they really embrace putting a man into high office who discriminates between races? Here is the link to what I'm referring to