Tuesday, October 1, 2013


LaTi reports:
The online insurance marketplaces created by President Obama’s healthcare law got off to a bumpy start Tuesday as some consumers were kicked off web portals and several states reported glitches that slowed enrollment on the first day Americans were supposed to be able to sign up for coverage.

The website for accessing federally run marketplaces – www.healthcare.gov – froze when some consumers tried to create accounts, the first step in selecting a health plan. Officials said the site got 1 million visits in the last day, five times more visitors than have ever been on the federal Medicare.gov site at one time.

And callers seeking information from a federal call center ([800] 318-2596) had to wait 20 minutes or more to get help.
Keep in mind this is just the set up process, sources tell me the actual claims process is a mess and won't be completely functional at the start of 2014.

This, of course, is in addition to the economic problems that will ultimately result from the heavy central planning.  Ultimately, there will be doctor shortages, drug shortages and treatment delays.


  1. the tv News reported it as not completely gitch free (but its here so live with it, dammit) then switched to gov Pat Quinn saying how wonderful it will be.

  2. We already have doctor shortages, drug shortages and treatment delays. I do expect PPACA to make them worse, especially physician shortages. If many docs close to retirement age chose to quit practicing medicine, insurance coverage won't be the ticket to care. It will be being a patient in the right practice or paying thousands out of pocket for concierge medicine. .

  3. Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia aka Vlad the Impaler had a problem with the poor, and politically needed a solution. Decided to gather all the serfs into a building with a large dinner table that had food on it. After the free meal, he asked them do you want without care and no worries for health and wealth (paraphrasing), a "piece of mind"? They were all happy about it and gladly accepted. So, afterwards, he stepped outside, had his men locked the doors, and burned the building down. To him, he gave what they wanted - no worries. He gave them Vladcare.

    Which by the way, I wonder when they're going to jack up the taxes for the insurance companies that are participating in this thing.

  4. I just had a FB friend say if congress was in session, they could fix it.