Thursday, October 24, 2013

Obamacare. Pre-Hollywood.

By, Chris Rossini

So the word on the street is that the Obamacare website is a complete (and embarrassing) disaster for the regime.

The website!!

You know, libertarians have been warning about what is coming with Obamacare, and it had nothing to do with the website. We were willing to spot them a website. Evidently, even that was too generous of a move.

You'd think, the government would care about first impressions. After all, this is it! Obama's big "accomplishment"! Let's make a stunning first impression, and then let the lapdog media take over from there, by telling everyone that the planners did it! Healthcare for all is a smashing success and is here to stay!

Oh, the media tried. They attempted to paint the embarrassment as just "a few glitches" that need to be fixed. Yeah right. It appears that they are more than a few tweaks away.

But what does government care about first impressions anyway? Go to a DMV or Social Security office and see how you're greeted. Your first impression is: "Get me out of here"!

With the Obamacare website, you don't even have a chance for "Get me out of here". You're lucky if you can get in.

It's funny because Hollywood didn't have enough time to make a movie about Obamacare. It would've been like the thousands of other propaganda flicks that they put out. You know, where the bureaucrats are are all walking geniuses, who are using their incredible brains to stop some some greedy businessman.

What we're witnessing right now is the reality of bureaucracy. In 2013 (not 1995) they can't even put together a website.

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  1. Ten bucks says that the contractors are all certified Woman Owned Business Enterprises, and that being woman or minority owned led to its being selected during the bid process.