Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Final Days of Ken Cuccinelli

David Weigel writes:
What was supposed to be a competitive race for governor between two unpopular candidates is in danger of turning into a rout. Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman, has overcome a series of financial scandals and a governing record that consists of Meet the Press appearances to build a 10-point lead over Cuccinelli. No Democrat has built that sort of lead in a Virginia gubernatorial race since 1985. No Democrat has won this office while a member of his party was in the White House since 1965. And those records are going to be busted by Terry McAuliffe? It baffles Republicans.

Bottom line: It doesn't appear as though Ron Paul Inc will deliver. Since there are no real libertarians in the race, this race will mean nothing to libertarians. It will, however,be a black mark on the Ron Paul Inc operatives who pride themselves on winning races, something they don't do very often/


  1. Ron Paul Inc, like The Fed needs to be abolished.

  2. Oh no! Now who will I turn to "if I'm thrown in a cage under the NDAA" (quoting a previous commenter)?

    1. Laugh at me, that's mature. It was a valid point that Cuccinelli has devoted a great deal of time and effort into getting innocent people freed from prison. Have you done the same? What fruitful and productive things have you personally done to affect the liberty of others?

      You are why most people don't take us seriously.

    2. Yes, Cuccinelli has done especially much for gay people and for students and their rights to cell phone privacy.
      After all, these bastards are criminals that deserve state harassment and persecution.

      There is no "us". People who don't take "us" seriously are people who want everyone to think and act like statists and to legitimize the system.
      Cuccinelli holds anti-libertarian viewpoints and voting for him legitimizes them.
      When "most people" (i.e. collectivists) taking you seriously means something to you, you could not possibly make decisions for the right reasons. This is not a popularity contest. This is about principles, and about doing the right thing. Who gives a damn if anyone takes "us" seriously?
      Apparently you do. Enough said.

  3. Paul comments on his endorsement on the Tom Woods show. No solid answer though. He does allude to the fact it was for Ron Paul Inc. He also is indirect as far as anarcho capitalism goes as well. Was surprised myself.

  4. Brand new poll shows the lead is down to 4 points.

  5. I love you Wenzel, but that's about 10% of the reason why Cuccinelli will likely lose in VA. First off, Ken Cuccinelli has yet to lose an election in Virginia. The guy, prior to this, was a winner. He's also won state-wide using his own advisors - notably, for the position of Attorney General. Ron Paul Inc is not running this campaign; rather, Ron Paul Inc has only endorsed Cuccinelli, probably because they secured some $$ from his followers. That type of cynicism is the hallmark of the Beltway Consultants that have run the GOP brand into the ground ("We can secure the libertarian flank if we get a Paul endorsement. Let's get his people on the line.")

    BLUF: THE BELTWAY GOP can't identify with the people who vote for them.

    We have crossed the rubicon. Conservatives will support and work hard for candidates who support what they believe in: guns, stopping cultural marxism, good schools for their kids and the big one IMHO, enforcing immigration laws (there's more, but you get my jist). This is why McCain, Romney and now Cuccinelli will lose; there is no motivation to support an empty suit on economics (lower taxes! jobs!) when most conservatives and libertarians believe that government should just get out of the way at let job creators (small & medium sized businesses) do their thing. Cuccinelli, ironically, made the same fatal mistake as Paul - he listened to what he thought were the smartest guys in the room rather than using the same people who got him where he was. Those same guys probably told Ken and Ron, hey, those guys were good for your election to the State Senate/House, but you need the real pros (and their inflated salaries) now. F**k that and f**k them. They have lost touch and are now liabilities because to run a winning campaign means getting yourself uninvited from the DC circuit cocktail parties that are so popular after hours. Time for GOP candidates and the scions of GOP, Inc to really think about what motivates their core voters.

  6. I just feel bad for the rest of Virginia - the part that has nothing to do with D.C. culture, outside of the beltway. They have to deal with stupid decisions from a culture that is totally different from theirs.

  7. Poor Virginia. Out of the frying pan - into the fire...

  8. And so it goes, we have a chance to improve the situation in Virginia by electing a less flawed person for Governor. But noooooooo, the WISE LIBERTARIANS turn up their collective noses, because Ken C. said or did something wrong in his life, and you will STAY HOME, guaranteeing defeat for the better of two choices........That's what you did to Romney. See what it got you?. You miserable bastards; even Ron Paul would see the ignorance of this.........

    1. I was all about your post until the comparison to Romney... Cuccinelli is NO Willard and he should resent the comparison. I sat out 2012 and rightfully so, but Cuccinelli deserves the votes of liberty-minded people, and you are correct in pointing that out.

    2. Dont think its the libertarians staying home. Its the conservatives staying home. Thats what doomed Romney here. I consider myself libertarian but most of my friends are conservative and many say they are not voting this time around. We'll see. Interesting though, the post a couple above yours talks about the cultural divide between NOVA and the rest of the state. This is true in some ways but I have seen a big cultural shift in the past several years in the Southern part of the state as well. No pity party here but Ive outlived my culture and my time and plan to just enjoy myself in my few remaining years. Let all you voters have whats left to divide up amoung yourselves.

    3. Oh yeah. Romney would have been SOOOOO much better. He would have been so much better on war and foreign policy. He would have been so much better on the domestic police state. He would have so much better on the war on drugs. He would have been so much better on healthcare.
      Typical ignoramus comment from someone who never learns that when dealing with an operative of the two major parties (Ron Paul mostly excepted) they have NEVER been trustworthy, never took their rhetoric seriously, never kept their promises, never showed to be any different. Ronald Reagan ring a bell? With his two terms and all his popularity he GREW the state, despite his much more libertarian rhetoric.

      What did not voting for Romney got us? Someone not better or worse than Mitt. But we did get the Republicans to notice that their game may be UP, and we're not playing ball any longer. They don't like Ron Paul? We're not gonna help them get their mainstream statist boy Mitt into office. No rewards for statism, fascism and corruption.
      What do WE care if it is Obama or Mitt? We're libertarians, not conservatives. You're an imbecile if you think we have some ingrained tendency to vote conservatives over democrats, as if they are not equally horrible but in different ways.

      Please give us all a break with your whining about not voting for establishmentarians.
      Do you actually think we weren't like you at one point? That at one point most of us didn't still decide to give some 'moderate although flawed' seeming guy a chance? That we didn't learn the hard way that most if not all voting is futile in the long run and most of the time also in the short run? That most of us were born with the bullshit-detector we now have?
      No, we've developed it through experience and we've honed it.

      We've MATURED on the realities of politics and voting, while you're obviously still in kindergarten. You're throwing your toys around because the boys around you are getting out and you have nobody to play with. Go throw another temper tantrum. Throw your toys around. We're not coming back. We've moved on. The tactic of getting libertarians to vote for same-old-same-old bastards isn't working anymore. We're not lending support and legitimacy to the system anymore.

      And let me be perfectly clear once again: I DON"T GIVE A DAMN WHAT RON PAUL WOULD THINK. When he is right he's right. When he's wrong he's wrong. He is not my prophet as he seems to be to so many of you. On Cuccinelli he's wrong. Period.

      Is this clear enough?