Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Jesse Ventura Libertarian Outtake

On Friday, I interviewed Jesse Ventura for this week's Robert Wenzel Show, which was posted this morning.

Immediately after the interview I had to head out to for a meeting but, before I did, I asked Chris Rossini, executive producer of the show, how he thought the interview went. He said he thought the show went fine, except for a back and forth between me and Jesse on the necessity of government to regulate road systems. He kept on painting a straw man situation where people would buy properties where they wouldn't consider access to the property as part of the buying process. I kept arguing that people and businesses would, of course, consider access, which would eliminate the possibility of people buying a property and then have properties all around be bought up by others who wouldn't allow access to their property. Since Jesse wouldn't grant me that people would act in their best interest and not buy a property where they would be boxed in, the back and forth went in circles.

Chris recommended the segment be cut. It was a 5 minute segment in an overall interview that was just over 30 minutes. In other words, it would have taken up more than 15% of the show. That is, back and forth with both of us going nowhere. So I told Chris to go ahead and cut it. Little did I know that the way the segment was cut (by a third person), it gave the impression that Jesse attacked libertarians and I didn't respond, so here is the outtake. I still think, to run it during the interview, it would have seemed like us going nowhere for a long time, but as a stand alone clip it is kind of interesting.

Note: At the start of the clip, I am telling Jesse that someone is a libertarian, the person I am referring to is the former pro-wrestler Glenn "Kane" Jacobs.


  1. We need a Govt that taxes and loots 100% of the (non-Govt) people because 1% of the total population is anti-social. Something's not right about Ventura's argument.

  2. That makes more sense. I thought you didn't engage him when he disparaged an-cap libertarians due to time constraints or because you were star struck.

  3. Jesse Ventura believes the U.S. should have a single-payer health care system. He's an idiot.

    1. It's always funny to see people complain about how bad government is then go and insist that the government should completely control this or that. LOL!

      Hell Jesse's a conspiracy theorist and believes the government is doing all these terrible things yet he will completely trust them to run healthcare? Fuck, how thick are these people? They don't see how contradictory it all is!

      The cognitive dissonance is making my head hurt.

    2. It's sad. I'd like to have someone I felt okay to vote for. He isn't it.

    3. The corridors in a hotel are "roads". The hotel doesn't charge you a toll to get to your room. Free enterprise has a way of figuring out how to satisfy their customers. When everything is privately owned and the parasites no longer control us, the world will be a much better and safer place.

  4. He seems incapable of even understanding the concept of easements or covenants. No builder would build in a place that he could be screwed in such a manner. In fact, the ONLY organization that could screw him this way is...government (is anyone even surprised), through the mechanism of eminent domain.

  5. "Little did I know that the way the segment was cut (by a third person), it gave the impression that Jesse attacked libertarians and I didn't respond"

    That is exactly how it felt. Didn't seem like you at all. I was very let down. Glad u cleared that up.

  6. "You have too much faith in us as a people."-Jesse V

    This brief statement says so much, sadly.

    He starts and ends his own argument. It's amazing that he recognizes the fallibility of people yet is ready to hand over almost unlimited power via government to the same people he distrusts.

    Wenzel, your recommendation of Hayek and specifically the chapter about why the worst people make it to the top was perfect. Jesse seems not only ideologically lacking, but rigid...I really hope he takes you up on the recommendation and reads it.

    He needs to understand his rational distrust of a small percentage of the population is the very reason he should be railing against government instead of some notion that it just lacks the proper leadership.(which he thinks should obviously be him, showing his ego is dangerous as he clearly has the hubris to think he knows how to run everyone else's life)

    I loved Jesse as an entertainer/wrestler/color commentator...but there are elements of his personality that drip through. I think he's a bit of a megalomaniac unfortunately.

    I do find it interesting he wants to spend more time Mexico because of TSA searches and referred to the United States as the "Fascist States" and said ""I will never stand for a national anthem again. I will turn my back and I will raise a fist,".

    Really, that's some super duper cognitive dissonance.

    I guess freedom for Jesse is "ok", but not the rest of us slaves in his world, because only Jesse knows the "proper" amount of freedom for us all.

    Sad, really sad.

  7. Mr. Ventura is your typical Boromir. He believes in (government) power, if only it were in the hands of "good people" (like himself, of course). The cause of liberty is served by people who believe the Ring itself must be destroyed.

  8. Ventura is a gadfly that has drawn attention to the nature of the State in many ways and that is all for the good. I think he generally does more good than he does harm. But, he's a populist nitwit in so many ways.

    I find it interesting that you are uber critical of faux-libertarians (Rand Paul, etc), but then seem to celebrate people like Ventura.

    1. lol....celebrating Ventura how? By annoying him to the point he asks to continue the interview in other areas because he doesn't want to discuss a topic?

      Ventura's got interesting things to say in a lot of different areas. Just like Chomsky, Buchanan, etc. et al

      You listen to the good and throw out the "celebration" necessary. Some of Rand Paul's cheerleaders could take that advice as well.

      At least Jesse doesn't claim to be a Libertarian(or lower case) as clearly shown in the interview by his little anecdote about being boo'd by them.

  9. You should have taken him to task and not changed subjects. In the early days of your show it was always fun to hear you defend libertarianism until death or they hung up. But I understand you wanted to have more of an interview. Ventura showed in this segment why he shouldn't, and won't, get the Ron Paul supporters. Good luck with your third party without them.