Monday, October 21, 2013

"Why I Will Never, Ever, Go Back to the United States"

Niels Gerson Lohman writes:

That was the first time I had to open my suitcase. Six customs officers went through my two phones, iPad, laptop and camera. In my wallet they found an SD card I had totally forgotten about. They did not like that. By now I was the only one left in the dining car and the center of attention. I had put a raincoat in my suitcase, because I'd heard New Orleans tends to get hit by thunderstorms in the late summer. An officer held up the coat and barked:

"Who takes a coat to the U.S. in the summer?"

I answered it would keep me dry, in case the New Orleans levees would break again. The officer remained silent. He dropped my coat like a dishcloth.

The raincoat seemed to be the last straw. The customs officers exchanged looks.

"We'd like to ask you some more questions. But the train has to continue, so we're going to take you off here."

I looked out of the window. We weren't at a proper station. Along the tracks were piles of old pallets.

"Will you put me on another train, afterwards?"

"This is the only train. But in case we decide to let you in, we'll put you on a bus. Don't worry."

I started to worry.

Read Lohman tell is entire incredible experience with US customs agents, here.


  1. If we're going to be subjected to stupidity and these asinine security procedures, can we at least be subjected to inspections by people who can pick up a book, at least read Bastiat and who has an IQ, at least, of 140 and who has an understanding of customer service, economics, and law.

    If people were so concerned of gun control, why aren't they concerned about spineless, fat chumps who parade themselves as authority just because they have a badge, able to lift weights, but has the inability to pick up a book? Who these thugs only authority mechanism is not their intellect but their size and weight. They could never state or debate what the law is or what it means to represent it, but by their own gun or tazer and on a whim, they interpret the law. There is no understanding that the law goes both ways. Who wouldn't dare go down a dark ally in some urban neighborhood or take on a biker gang, but wouldn't mind going home feeling like a hero after harassing somebody that just labored for 8 hours just to pay taxes to fund the pay rate for government trash. Who these incompetent cretins can't make it at a real job nor bear the responsibility of self-direction at such a place. Instead they have to take a job as a parasite suckle off the producers, and they expect to be respected because they were appointed by other parasites as representation of the law.

    The only reason why people respect them is because they fear the trigger happiness. In the end, they're only hurting the economy.

  2. Anonymous, in the beginning they are hurting the economy worse.