Monday, October 21, 2013

Their Propaganda....Our Propaganda

By, Chris Rossini

The Guardian was able to get a hold of some paintings that were made by a North Korean propaganda artist, for the North Korean people. The paintings depict their "glorious neighbor" China.

Keep in mind, when you see these, that most North Koreans have never been to China:

What a glorious place...a Heaven on Earth mixed with The Land of Oz.

Fortunately, here in the United States, we have freedom of the press, and it takes hard effort for that press to pull the wool over our eyes! 

Americans are not so easily fooled:

Yes, Americans are very lucky not be bombarded by propaganda like those poor Commies. 

There's a healthy suspicion here in America...especially when someone comes along speaking the message of Liberty:

In order to get a "Man of The Year" cover for someone like're going to have to Photoshop it yourself:

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  1. Chris,

    Absolutely brilliant! Thanks.

  2. Yup. So many simpletons who can't see at all DESPITE having this powerful tool known as the internet right IN FRONT OF THEM. They had their chance to had the levers to Dr. Paul and instead like the fucking morons that they are gave it to another sociopath like Odumbo.

  3. But ... we're a Democracy and free and brave and a bag of rancid chips!

  4. fabulous post, thanks. a healthy reminder

  5. Hehe someone doesn't fully know the definition of Sociopath.