Thursday, November 14, 2013

Does Obama Need to Crack The Whip?

By, Chris Rossini

Michael Tomasky of The Daily Beast, writes as if he's in a panic, about how Democrats have to stop panicking about Obamacare:
It’s a pretty good time for President Obama to crack the whip. Why he evidently didn’t earlier is still mystifying. Or maybe it’s not. He just isn’t a kick-ass-and-take-names kind of guy. But the success of his presidency may be on the line here in the next few weeks, so it’s not the worst idea for him to become one.
Immediately, after reading "crack the whip," I thought of Leon Trotsky who said "The old principle: who does not work shall not eat, has been replaced by a new one: who does not obey shall not eat."

Is that what Tomasky means by "crack the whip"?

Also, is Obama, as Tomasky claims, really not a kick-ass-and-take-names kind of guy? Because the last I heard, Obama has no problem picking people off with drones. Malala Yousafzai came all the way from Pakistan to tell him to knock it off because he's fueling terrorism by killing so many innocent people.

Could it be that it's inherent in government to fail, and that even the strongest whip-cracker has no chance against economic laws?

Not to Tomasky. He took out his prescription pad and provided the following:
Democrats—especially Obama, but all Democrats—have to take charge of the situation right now. In danger of losing the country’s trust, they must say in essence: “All right, we did screw up Round 1. We’re going to admit it, and we’re going to apologize, and we’re going to fix it, and we’re not going to bullshit you. But we’re also not going to panic. We’re going to make this thing work.”
Reminds me of the movie Trading Places:

Here's the bottom line on this big charade: Government cannot rationally allocate resources...period. They do not operate on profit and loss, and they have no idea what should be produced and at what cost. Everything....Everything (!!) is done arbitrarily and based on political motivations

Remember the $40 billion in-and-out of Iraq (which itself is immoral and an abomination). Well we're up to $800+ billion bill for us Americans, and a destroyed chaotic country for the Iraqis. Government does not as the famous saying goes "count the costs". It can't. It just cracks the whip on us Americans and takes it out of our hide. Only when the parasite finally consumes the host (i.e., runs into economic law) is the government finally forced to stop. 

In such a poisonous environment, everything is based on lies. Washington is a population filled with people who lie at all times. And Tomasky wants an 'all right, we screwed up, sorry, we'll fix it, and we won't bullshit you'?

You know what that is? Total bullshit.

Tomasky just wants the pain to go away. For without "the country's trust" how can Leviathan and its hoards line their pockets with booty and power?

I'll let Gary North tell it to you straight on what to expect:
President Obama’s chief technology advisor is Todd Park. He testified before Congress on Wednesday regarding
Mr. Park is the man who, as chief technology advisor, failed to warn the President on the condition of the website. Mr. Park was either out of the loop or else he decided not to bring bad news to the President. When the site opened for business on October 1, the site was dead in the political water.

In private industry, he would have been fired on October 2. But he is in government. He keeps his job. He now gets to testify in Congress. (emphasis added)

He assured the committee that the site will be operational on November 30 for most Americans.
How does he know this? He apparently knew nothing on September 30. Why does he know what is happening now?...

Why should Congress believe Mr. Park? Because of the labor theory of value. “The team is working very hard.”

The fact remains that the labor invested in the production of the item is a sunk cost. It’s gone forever. Its value is gone forever...In short, economic value is not intrinsic and objective. It is imputed and subjective. This insight launched Austrian economics.

All those Americans who have had their health insurance policies canceled will be able to buy really good policies on November 30. Mr. Park has assured Congress of this. Trust him.

If there were a way for me to short, delivery date November 30, I would do it. But even if the contract existed in the futures market, I don’t think anyone would go long. Not even the Federal Reserve.

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  1. I'm not so sure about the Federal Reserve. Obamacare maybe too horrendous to fail.

  2. I often wonder (but not long enough to actually do the research) what effect Hammurabi's whip cracking had on the supply of physicians in Babylon:

    Section [218] If a physician make a large incision with the operating knife, and kill him, or open a tumor with the operating knife, and cut out the eye, his hands shall be cut off.

    If it were me I might look for another line of work. The ten shekels Hammurabi allowed you to charge if you were successful doesn't seem like a great risk to reward ratio. It's sad that we still allow authoritarian clowns to manage healthcare delivery 3,700 years after this blowhard ordered his edicts be carved in stone.

  3. "... crack the whip."

    You are witnessing the creation of a fascist.

  4. "Does Obama need to crack the whip?"

    NOOOO, Obama needs to whip the crack...