Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Amazing Obamacare Rollout––Week Five

Bob Laszewski reports:
Enrollments continue to trickle in. Health plans, with the kind of market share that would have to sign-up 100,000 to 200,000 people for the administration to hit its goal of 7 million people, are generally reporting they have enrolled only about 100 - 200 people over the first 35 days via
Does this mean no one wants to sign-up? No. People can argue about whether we will see the administration hit their goal of seven million or we will end up getting two or three million relatively sicker people for all of the problems Obamacare has faced. But, undoubtedly millions of people, including all of those people who just got cancellation notices, do want to see what they can get for what cost and make a decision about signing up. But they can't because they aren't able get through the entire website.
As I have said before,, because of its many problems, is in de facto shutdown because virtually no one is able to really use it.


  1. Not to worry, Obama combined work with pleasure today. After his golf outing he met with Carl Spackler, who will be in charge of fixing all the problems with

  2. as Ilana Mercer correctly noted, Govt.con is not destined or designed to work.