Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Christmas Message from Edward Snowden


  1. At the 1:08 mark, Snowden states that "privacy matters." I understand that he is not a rhetorician or a poet or an English major, but stating that something "matters" could qualify as the emptiest statement ever.

  2. Amazing that someone such as Snowden could make such personal sacrifice for the good of humanity
    and yet a poster such as above could subsequently belittle him.

    Guess it proves that
    " common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."

    Stuff that into your self aggrandized "rhetorician or a poet or an English major" pipe.

    1. There will always be some people who - from the safety of behind their keyboards - think it takes balls to mock, ridicule or criticize people that make more sacrifices in one week than they'll make in their whole lifetimes.
      Of course, legitimate criticism is warranted if applicable. But you can recognize that when you see it.

      People like Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, and even Adam Kokesh etc are heroes. If you have criticism of these people it better be backed up with more than mere (paranoid) suspicions, ridicule or pedantry.
      Otherwise you're just a coward sitting behind your keyboard berating people who make great sacrifices at their own expense.

  3. Something tells me that if one asked V. Putin this Christmas who he'd like to share a glass of vodka with and why, he'd say E. Snowden. Why? Cause he's got massive balls.

  4. Something smells bad about this. My cynical antenna are vibrating hard.
    OK, so he says "peace matters... (Media Matters, too...hint, hint). And right after that he says "Together we can find a better balance..".. BALANCE? So, right away, there's no possibility of ELIMINATING this state surveillance? This is a limited hangout position.. Subtle predictive programming, Not what I want to hear.

    When the Snowdon flap first happened,The Daily Bell, which writes about events with an eye to what they call "directed History", (manipulation of Dominant Social Memes by the elite) took a very dim, skeptical view of the Snowdon revelations. They suggested at the time that the intention may be to bring the surveillance issue into the light was intended to install /regulations' on it. (just what's happening now). I sure wish I could find those archived articles to link to here....
    At the same time, Jon Rappoport of NoMoreFakeNews.com ran a series of articles questioning in detail the possibility of Snowdon's meteoric rise in the world of NSA/CIA. Those articles are still on his site.
    But now... now that Snowdon is hailed around the entire World as a hero....well then, he must be one. And God help the critical thinkers (like Sibel Edmonds) who dare to question that. Then again, where IS all this information he has placed "in the public domain"..... it doesn't yet seem to BE 'in the public domain', especially anything relating to the banks or the financial system in general... All we have been allowed to know is about how our computers and our cell phones are tracking us.... is that where the revelations are going to stop?
    We'll see.... but something's not quite right with this picture. I keep hearing Tina Turner from Thunderdome.... "We don't need another Hero..."

  5. Philip Martin: Snowden would have "massive balls" if he were to release ALL the documents he had obtained, just as Bradley Manning did with WikiLeaks. But he and Greenwald would only release 1 or 2% of it so far. Releasing ALL the documents could not possibly harm Americans' security.

    And worse, Snowden said most recently that he supports the NSA, but it should only be reformed or limited. That's like supporting ObamaCare and proposing to "limit" that.

    1. I, too, wish he would release all the documents WikiLeaks style. However, the method he has chosen does not change the fact that the man is a fearless hero.

      It doesn't change the fact that he "stole" documents from the darkest of imperial institutions, all while outsmarting them and covering his tracks.

      It doesn't change the fact that he came out publicly, knowing that this would provoke the wrath of the largest and most powerful empire ever to be seen on the face of this earth.

      It doesn't change the fact that he knowingly threw away his life in America, his ease of access to his family, friends, girlfriend etc to do what he thought is right.

      It doesn't change the fact that by his actions, people like you and me are no longer conspiracy theorists, nuts or tin foil freaks. We are now the vindicated.

      We now have the ability, due solely to E. Snowden, to fight back against the surveillance state--so long as we don't waste our resources and diminish our position by ridiculous infighting and squabbles over dogmatic purity.

  6. I'm soooo glad he closed with a "Merry Christmas." If he had said, "happy holidays," I wouldn't have the nerve to surf the net for weeks for fear of seeing headlines from O'Reilly and Palin about the liberal war on Christmas.

  7. "And worse, Snowden said most recently that he supports the NSA"

    If he does then why the hell did he throw away a high paying job? For what? That's moronic. Go all the away or don't bother.

  8. Hey Anonymous @ 10:32, before you shed a verklempt teardrop for humanity, read just one or two of Lila Rajiva's posts hear about Snowden's . . . give me a moment (sniff, sniff) . . . sacrifices. Oh, how could they!! Oh, how could we ever be tricked by Glenny and that beautiful blonde effeminate two-day old beard intelligent young man who sacrificed so much for humanity!! What a pantload.


  9. Scott Creighton makes some interesting observations--that Grenwald is Cass Sunstein's man.

  10. @Tony

    Dozens of journalists, like Gary Webb, have been murdered for telling the truth.
    NSA officials who blew the whistle or tried to were intimidated, some murdered.

    I have seen many blogs simply disappear or get side-lined because they named one name too many.
    I have seen careers destroyed, people chased out of the country, harassed, slandered, libeled, threatened, killed.

    They suffered this in obscurity, without "Tony" praising them or even knowing their names.

    But "Tony" adds his voice to the world-wide chorus already raised to Snowden and Assange.

    THAT is sacrifice, it seems.

    But speaking up for those true heroes and doubting the false heroes, THAT is cowardice.
    nice little Stalinist, Orwellian stooge is our "Tony."

    Here's Julian's sacrifice:

    He cut a deal with the Feds and went to work for them after being caught hacking the Pentagon.

    He cut deals with nameless sources, plausibly including the CIA, to get hacked material to pass off as leaked material and very likely acted as a honey-pot site.

    He bullied other activists and published their work without giving them royalties or media attention, while himself taking it.

    He held out information to make as much money as possible for himself for the "secrets" he hacked, and won plenty of international recognition every step of the way. He did not use that attention to question the most important story needing to be told - 9-11. Instead he made fun of the volunteers - mostly unknown- who have actually done the hard work for it.

    He assaulted or mistreated two women, then used his international megaphone to shout them down as phonies, plants, and spies.

    He used the hacked information to act as the US empire's soft power arms, achieving its goals in Asia, while posing as a hero of the globe.

    He retired to Australia to found a party, distancing himself from the politics of his own groupies, while contributing to the Rothschild subversion of Asian governments.

    He is a hero to you if you are either wildly credulous and a secret sympathizer of empire.

    I suspect you are both.


  11. ".....and the government that regulates it." That gave my spine a massive tingle. Perhaps Sibel is right. and the daily bell, and wenzel who both called this with skepticism when it came out.... I didn't want to believe at the time, but I listened and heard their point. Now I see it.

    Instead of opposition, ending NSA spying, he is calling for government regulation. Isn't that what Obama is calling for?

    So I see it now. Snowden gets his pardon, him and Obama work together to regulate the NSA, crowds cheer, and our privacy is destroyed.


    In the mean time Snowden, or just others, could be advocating and focusing on the tenthamendmentcenter project to take the water from the NSA center in Utah. Tht could make a real difference, now.

    Why does it now seem Snowden is more likely to end up supporting Obama than the turn it off project.