Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Attention NYC Cronies: Time to Get Out Your Checkbook

Bill de Blasio is still fundraising and the usual clueless suspects from Hollywood are in on the shakedown.

WNYC reports:
The mayor-elect [held] a high-dollar fundraiser at an undisclosed location Tuesday night to pay for his inauguration and transition[...]
As a non-billionaire, Mayor-elect de Blasio needs to fundraise. So he's assembled a star-studded inauguration committee, bigger than his transition team. Harry Belafonte, Steve Buscemi, Rosie Perez and Susan Sarandon all make the list. (Cynthia Nixon  [from Sex and the City] was already tapped for the Transition Team). But the real star may be Gabrielle Fialkoff, the finance chair of his mayoral campaign who is leading this committee.
Individuals can give a max of $4,500, corporate donations are banned, and unlike during the campaign, there’s no public matching money. De Blasio’s transition and inauguration committee is required to report all donations, but the information won’t be made public until after the inauguration.

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