Friday, December 6, 2013

Clueless Krugman Speaks Out of Both Sides of His Mouth

By, Chris Rossini

Paul Krugman says that Obama's inequality spiel deserves a hearing. After all:
Not only do we have an ever-growing gap between a wealthy minority and the rest of the nation; we also, he declared, have declining mobility, as it becomes harder and harder for the poor and even the middle class to move up the economic ladder. (my emphasis)
The Professor is always looking out for the poor. So much so, that a mere four days earlier, he had this idea:
In short, raising the minimum wage would help many Americans, and might actually be politically possible. Let’s give it a try.
In other words, it's getting harder and harder for the poor to move up the economic ladder, so to help them, let's remove the bottom rungs of that very same ladder:

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  1. The words "logic" and "Krugman" should never be written in the same sentence.

  2. Yea, the Dems hate middle class mobility. Look at the tax increases that have taken place and that is all you have to know. When ever they go after the rich, the always end up sticking it to those trying to become rich and giving a pass to those that are. In this last year the ordinary tax rate has gone up almost 5 points and taxes on wages almost 1 point and taxes on investment income almost 4pts. One thing that is glaringly clear, is that the Democrats and Obama especially hate and detest middle class economic mobility. Why else would they propose taxes that hit upwardly mobile middle class people the hardest? And don't kid yourself either, this isn't because these guys are ignorant of economics. They know full well their policies are destructive but they also know the average democrat is motivated by envy. The last thing your average Dem wants to see is their neighbor getting ahead of them.