Sunday, December 22, 2013

NATIONWIDE POLL: Christie Leads Both Democratic and GOP Fields (Rand Paul in the Middle of the Pack)

Public Policy Polling reports:
[Hilliary] Clinton narrowly trails Chris Christie right now in a hypothetical match up at 45/42. That's owing largely to a 49/26 advantage among independent voters. We also tested four other potential Democratic candidates against Christie though, and they would all trail him by double digits. John Kerry has an 11 point deficit against Christie at 46/35, Joe Biden is down 14 at 49/35, Elizabeth Warren trails by 16 at 49/33, and Howard Dean would lag by 22 at 51/29.

Christie's the strongest candidate for President right now because he's viewed favorably across party lines. He's at 48/26 with Republicans, 46/28 with independents, and 38/36 with Democrats. Clinton would start out ahead of all the other potential GOP candidates we tested against her on this poll- she's up 5 on Jeb Bush and Rand Paul at 48/43, 6 on Mike Huckabee at 48/42, and 8 on Ted Cruz at 49/41.

In addition to being the strongest general election Christie also leads the Republican field. He gets 19% to 14% for Ted Cruz, 13% for Mike Huckabee, 11% for Rand Paul, 10% for Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan, 7% for Marco Rubio, 4% for Scott Walker, and 3% for Bobby Jindal.

Christie leads the field both with moderates (he gets 32% to 12% for Paul and 10% for Ryan), and voters identifying as 'somewhat conservative' (he gets 17% to 16% for Huckabee, 14% for Bush, and 11% each for Cruz and Ryan.) Cruz leads with 'very conservative' ones, getting 23% to 15% for Paul, 14% for Huckabee, 12% for Christie, and 10% for Ryan.
Huckabee actually has the highest favorability of the Republicans we tested, at 65/14. But only 20% of those with a positive opinion of him say he'd be their first choice for President. By contrast Christie only has a 47/29 favorability rating, but 37% who have a positive view of him also support him for President. There's a greater intensity among those who do have a favorable opinion.

If you take Huckabee out of the equation Christie's support increases to 23% with Cruz at 15%, Bush and Paul at 12%, Ryan at 11%, Rubio at 8%, Walker at 6%, and Jindal at 4%.

 Full results here, Republican results here, Democratic results here


  1. Honestly, I'd rather have Hilary Clitoriston. At least she is open about being a liberal demagogue. Christie is a liberal in a sumo suit.

  2. Thanks for timely and insightful article.

    It relates Cruz leads with 'very conservative' ones.

    I'm a Christian; I have never voted Republican; yet I relate, that the Republican party has consistently nominated crony capitalists, and those of the right-to-life perspective.

    To win a victory; the party most likely will have to nominate someone who DOES NOT HAVE the right-to-life perspective.

  3. Giving away the treasury to illegals.
    He fits in well with the current decades long leadership group running (into the ground) this country.

    He should make sure to seal the deal with a trip to the Wailing Wall.

  4. Clinton versus Christie.
    The Highest Tax-burdened state versus the second highest Tax-burdened state.
    These selected cretins are not a per electronic voting machines.