Thursday, December 26, 2013

Too Much Eggnog For This Statist

By, Chris Rossini

It looks like someone spiked Michael Tomasky's eggnog last night. He lets his universal healthcare colors fly this morning in The Daily Beast.

Tomasky starts off with a "birthright" hallucination:
Some day in the future, this year will be remembered as the one when the U.S. recognized people’s birthright to health care.
Oftentimes, statist wolves like to drape themselves in sheep's clothing. The key is to not let the sheep see your salivating teeth.

But not Tomasky. Universal healthcare is coming and Obamacare is merely part of the transition:
Sometime in the 2030s, after Medicare for all has passed and we’re finally and sensibly paying taxes for preventive cradle-to-grave care, people will note—with pride!—that the long process started with Obamacare (yes, conservatives: I’m admitting gleefully that the elephant’s nose is under the door, so spare yourselves the trouble of thinking you’re clever by tweeting it!).
This jives with a statement that Tomasky made last month: "Obamacare will never be a raging success."

But here come the real fireworks:
We support [Obamacare] because we think health care coverage should be a right, and this is a big step down that road, or the best step we could make under current reality. Like any right, it comes with responsibility, so that’s why you have to buy it. But it’s a right. It’s not an extravagance or something you earn by having a better-than-Walmart-level job. You “earn” it by doing something a lot simpler than that—you earn it by being born.
Very impressive...One paragraph that literally destroys the meaning of the words "right", "responsibility", "buy", and "earn".

That must have been one heck of a nog.

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  1. "you earn it by being born" no you got it because some jackass in DC thought it would be great...for him.

  2. A society based on from each according to his ability to each according to his need in short order becomes a society where nobody has any ability and everybody is in need.
    It's going to be a lot of fun to watch state-worshipers lose their faith in their god. Utopia isn't a matter of legislation and the state isn't the path to salvation.

  3. Those who claim health care coverage is a right fail to recognize or acknowledge the fundamentally transactional nature of health care. The concomitant question unanswered by these folks is, who is obligated to provide it? If an insufficient number of young people choose to undertake the grueling and expensive process of becoming licensed medical providers, how will this "right" be administered? Due to basic biological processes, consumers of this service are a given; providers are not.

  4. Dear Tomasky,

    Of course, healthcare is your birthright! It pains me that you have to even argue about this. You have a birthright to demand that everyone else must drop everything else they are doing in order to provide healthcare to you. This is eminently reasonable and I would like to let you know that I have also decided that it is my birthright to be able to provide various forms of healthcare to you whether you want it or not - at no cost to you! Really, its no problem for me! We are a match made in heaven.

    I'll swing by your house sometime with some pliers and vodka to provide you with free universal healthcare, as per my birthright to provide free healthcare to anyone. I guess I will start with free dental care for you, my friend (Did we get separated at birth? We think so alike!)

  5. Dear Tomasky, This right to "healthcare" - is it the right to the best healthcare or the very worst care than can be imagined, such as via pliers and vodka as Anonymous so aptly puts it? Will we all have the universal right to be seen by the doctor who graduated first in his class, or last in his class? Which is it? You cannot speak in sweeping generalizations, even within your statist construct, without appearing as the fool that you are.

  6. Well, the humaniform hamsters will lap it up.