Thursday, January 16, 2014

Latinos Set to Surpass Whites in California

The SF Chronicle reports:
The Latino population is projected to surpass that of whites in California in March to become the single largest "race or ethnic group," according to a report on shifting demographics in Gov. Jerry Brown's 2014-15 budget proposal. Also, the number of residents 65 and older will jump by 20.7 percent over the next five years, the report said.

At the same time, lower birth rates have resulted in fewer young people, with the 18-to-24-year-old group experiencing a 4.5 percent decline and 5- to 17-year-olds increasing just 0.2 percent.

"Considerably more births are Latino, even though the birth rate is not particularly high,"  said Mindy Romero, director of the California Civic Engagement Project at the UC Davis Center for Regional Change.


  1. thought that happened a long time ago...hmmm

  2. Granted I could care less about this but government shouldn't be collecting data in my opinion. However one thing that gives me a chuckle is known that so many paleocons, central planners and other statist collectivists fume when articles like these come out.

  3. They call it "Mexifornia" for a reason.

  4. I'm not an anti-white or pro-Mexican by any stretch. But if I recall, California was originally settled by the Spanish and the whites are relative new comers. 300 years of Spanish dominance over the natives. 150 years of white dominance over the natives and Spanish. Now it's going back to the Hispanics.

    Let them have it. California is a f-ing waste of beautiful real estate because they are thinly veiled Bolsheviks. To hell with them. I'm not going to cry over losing it.

  5. I hate the violence that there is there, and of which there will no doubt be much more.

    But Texas and California were taken by force in the first place.
    So cue the (mostly right-wing) hypocrisy about 'them mexicans' taking over and America needing to 'defend its country from invasion.'

    1. They can have Mexifornia if they want. I don't care. It's Idiot Libtard Utopia anyway.

  6. Imo the vast majority of the population in california is actually mixed race but most forms dont have mixed options but have instructions to "check all that apply". My kids just choose one based on the circumstances and I think most people do the same