Friday, February 21, 2014

An Object Lesson That Valuation is Subjective

File under: It may be art to you, but it looks like trash to me.

NyPo reports:
 A cleaning woman in southern Italy has unwittingly thrown away contemporary artworks that were supposed to be part of an exhibition.
Lorenzo Roca, head of the cleaning company, said the woman “was just doing her job” when she thought two artworks were part of trash left behind by those setting up for the show that opened Wednesday in Bari.
Show organizers said one of the works she gave to a city sanitation crew before dawn included pieces of cookies, which were scattered on the floor, as part of an artistic arrangement.
Roca said the cleaning company would use its insurance coverage to pay for the trashed art works, whose value was estimated at $13,700.


  1. LOL... that made my day. That cleaning woman probably knows more about art than the art critics. and I bet she knows more about economics than Jerry.

  2. If the "common" folks can't distinguish your art from trash, it's because your art IS trash. I know you really really wanted to convey how deep and insightful you are, but your piece on American consumerism is garbage.

  3. " 'Look, look! The Emperor has no clothes!'

    'Foolish child!' said the people in the crowd to each other; while agreeing in their minds with the observant little boy, did not want to appear as fools themselves."

    That tale perfectly describes the snobbery that permeates the modern art aficionados and art "experts."

  4. This is clearly a scam. Are we to believe the value to society of scattering cookie fragments on the floor is $13,700? I've got two toddlers for hire who will do it for the bargain price of $6500, and if you want, they'll even spill some juice or milk for free.