Saturday, February 8, 2014

Rahmaland: Coldest Winter In Three Decades

File under: Global warming.

It’s been three decades since Chicagoans have experienced a winter colder than this, reports The Chicago Tribune.

Friday was the 22nd day this winter that temperatures were at zero or below, more than the past five winters combined, according to the Chicago Weather Center.


  1. You do realize that this was caused by global warming... ah cough cough, i mean climate change...

    1. Need to take big Al's Nobel Prize, freeze in a solid block of ice, and shove it up his ass - sideways - twice...

  2. This winter reminds me of the 1980s. Deep freeze... warm to the 20s, snow... deep freeze. Rinse. Repeat.

    Except this time it doesn't seem like it will end.

    There were winters in the 1990s that had temps colder than this. But the cold wasn't this prolonged.

    Oh and the snow build up. I haven't seen slow snow build up like this here ever. Usually there would be brief relief that would melt it back some.

    1. This is all the result of human activity. It has nothing to do with cycles or the massive fire fireball in the sky that's 3,000 times the diameter of the earth. You and your Fiat are responsible.
      Earth can only be saved if we give unquestioned power and authority to a small wealthy global elite. Naturally they'll need to live in 20,000 square foot mansions and have access to private jets and limo's to do it. Now shut up. they're saving the planet ... for themselves.

    2. Of course. It's the ancient climate scam of the ruling class updated for the 21st century.

      If you don't "sacrifice" to the "gods" and their representatives on earth, the ruling class, the spring rains won't come and the crops won't grow and you'll all starve. The priests say so.

      Same thing today, except the priest class has been replaced with government funded "science".