Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Leak of the "FU to the EU" Phone Call Tape versus Edward Snowden Leaks

The US is strongly hinting that the tape, which appeared on Youtube of Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland saying in a phone conversation F the EU, was taped and leaked by the Russians and this may be so. But what I found most instructive about this leak is that it provided valuable insights into the active overseas operations of the US (SEE: US ‘Ukraine-gate’ Threatens to Blow Up Into Major Conflagration).

Think about this in relation to the Edward Snowden leaks. All he has provided is technical details of how the US is monitoring us. Careful, news followers already knew this was going on. In other words, Snowden really has not provided any new information beyond operational details.

Where are the Snowden tapes of US officials plotting and scheming? There are none. Snowden, for whatever reason, has protected all real state secrets. There is a very strong likelihood that the Snowden leaks were a limited hangout or possibly a an internal battle between the NSA and CIA. But one Russian leaked tape tells us more about US operations than the many disclosures, covered ad nauseum by the mainstream press, about the Snowden leaks..


  1. 'Snowden' is obviously bogus. Our enemies are evil, NOT stupid. In fact it's leaps and bounds beyond us.
    Much practice-:)

  2. Excellent observation regarding it appears that Greenwald has found a nice little nest of his own,,,,see Boilingfrogs blog for more on the Cointel from Edward Snowden!

  3. Bob, I'm pretty sure there's a YouTube video of The Guardian destroying the hard drives Snowden left with them. Even if that isn't real, we have to remember Snowden provided The Guardian with more info than they have let out. So I don't find this argument too convincing, but what Murphy wrote in one of his posts recently was interesting.

    Apparently Snowden criticized a previous whistle blower or something similar, and it's odd for someone who supposedly disapproved of the spying to ever agree to work for them. I'm certainly still open to the theory the leaks were planned, but I don't think you've hit the nail on the head yet.

    1. no i guessing Snowden is legit, its the size of it. If you are involved in a panty raid you don't empty out an entire wardrobe