Saturday, February 15, 2014

Republicans Are The Worst

By, Chris Rossini

Here's the Chairman of The Republican National Committee after the U.S. olympic hockey team defeated the Russian team this morning:

Makes you want to grab one of these:

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  1. RepubliCAN !!!!

    We showed them !

    Now let's go launch a drone attack on an innocent wedding party.

  2. With an American referee. What kind of Mickey Mouse, amateur crap are these Olympics?

  3. Which of these things is unlike the other? Which of these things doesn't go together?


    You know the answer don't you?

  4. If self-delusion were an Olympic event, Mr. Priebus would be the favorite for a gold medal.

    1. I think he won contests in hypocrisy and bullshitting.

  5. 'Murika... If you don't like it, you can just leave!

  6. "LIBERTY! FREEDOM! USA!", he said, before voting for an extension of the PATRIOT Act.

    They're really trying to get this Cold War thing started again, huh? A bit too obvious, Dweebus.

  7. The Olympics is glorification of the state on steroids. Just look at the opening ceremonies... If you can stand it.

  8. Barry lamely tweeted too referring to the the Miracle on Ice of THIRTY YEARS AGO.


  9. The Vampire Squid, JP Morgan, Dead Bankers & Criminal Acts

    Eric King: “Bill, you’ve been around this business for decades, and when you look back at what the banking industry was and what it represents today, what are your thoughts on the monster the banking industry has become, where people are killed in order to protect secrets?”

    Kaye: “I don’t recognize the industry. It bears no resemblance to the business that I very proudly entered in the 1970s. When I joined Goldman Sachs it was not only a private partnership, but I think there were a total of only 47 general partners at the time. Now, Goldman Sachs has been famously described as the ‘Vampire Squid,’ with their tentacles virtually everywhere, including governments....
    “They (Goldman Sachs) and their cohorts have essentially hijacked Washington, and to a significant extent the government in London, as well as much of Europe. So the Western world is essentially being held captive by both of these major predatory investment banks, including the major commercial banks such as JP Morgan -- they are working hand-in-hand together in many cases.
    This is a huge threat, not only to the financial system, but what they are doing is a huge threat to people’s individual liberty. I think what these people are doing for their own benefit also has implications that are very negative to the middle classes around the world, which are being slowly wiped out in many countries.

  10. My God. It's almost as if these people are engaged in a conscious campaign to discredit libertarianism, by hijacking the terminology of liberty while generally acting like idiotic douchebags.
    I wish they would all just stop it already. Just... stop.

  11. Shouldn't be too long before Reince is replaced with a Josef/Joseph...