Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another Reason to Hate the Miami Heat

Miami Heat forward,LeBron James is about to become a propagandist for the state by attempting to get clueless kids to sign up for bad governmet-controlled health insurance. Bleacher Report writes:

LeBron James to Promote Affordable Care Act at President Obama's Request[...]

Obama recently contacted the Miami Heat forward and requested his assistance, offering a number of different ways James could contribute.

"Any way I can help the president, that's pretty cool," James said Wednesday night[...]
James' spot will air on many outlets, such as ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV, during NBA games. It will also air during local sports programming in markets with a high concentration of uninsured people.

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  1. Will Obamacare pay for the HGH that lebron takes, or cover the side effects he will start suffering from in a few years?