Sunday, March 16, 2014

Is There an Unmonitored Landing Strip Long Enough Where Malaysia Flight #MH370 Could Have Landed?

The Daily Mail reports:
Data showing the number of plausible runways where the plane could have touched down - which need to be at least 5,000ft - offer a baffling number of potential locations.

According to a map drawn up by U.S. radio station WNYC, there are 634 locations which could fit, from Australia to the Maldives to Pakistan.
However, the true number is likely to be even higher, as estimates of how far the plane could have travelled have been increased since the calculations were carried out.


  1. Does it need to be that long to land? I bet it could land in a much shorter space. If you're going to sell it for parts, you don't need to worry about taking off again.

  2. I was in my fishing boat a few minutes ago, about 75 miles east of Manhattan (enter port city of your choice), when a Malaysia Air Jet passed overhead heading west about 200 feet above the water. A few minutes later there was a bright flash. WTF is going on?

  3. Even it it did land at one of those airports, how do you keep the presence of a 777 jet the the knowledge of the local population & resultant leaks? Not to mention how to keep the 150 passengers hostage.

  4. Passengers are probably no longer with us. The trip to 45,000 feet likely killed them - that's what an "expert" said today. BUT I'd guess they probably just passed out and didn't suffer too badly.

  5. How do you keep the jet a secret? Land it at a military base (or an abandoned US base?) in the night and scoot it in a hangar or throw some camo over it. POOF! It's gone.