Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Personal Take On Murray Sabrin

By, Chris Rossini

If the U.S. federal government were to follow the law of the land known as The U.S. Constitution, our liberty and property would be in much better shape than they are today. Sadly (over the last 100 years especially) the federal government has found ways to wriggle out from under the chains that the Constitution was supposed to provide.

Thomas Jefferson warned that "The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground." Once government gets accustomed to acting outside of the confines of the Constitution, gaining ground against liberty becomes a habit. When looking at the actions of the U.S. government, especially since 9/11, its grabs of our personal liberty have occurred at an almost dizzying pace.

The ideas of liberty need champions. We have all recently witnessed just how powerful ideas can be with the former Congressman from Texas named Ron Paul. Dr. Paul swore to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and for 30+ years, that's exactly what he did.

Did such a bold defense of the U.S. Constitution confine Ron Paul to a life of obscurity? No! In fact, the exact opposite occurred. Dr. Paul ignited an ideological inferno that moved millions of people around the world. All of a sudden, the Federal Reserve, which enjoyed living in the dark shadows for 100 years, was now out in public view for the very first time. Dr. Paul also focused like a laser-beam on the U.S.'s military empire. The foreign policy of the Founding Fathers of peace, commerce, and no entangling alliances have been reborn, and have been prohibited from entering the dustbin of history.

The power of even one lone voice for the ideas of liberty, and following the U.S. Constitution, cannot be understated. It only takes one committed individual to light up the minds of millions.

I'm very encouraged to see that the state of New Jersey has the opportunity to place such a committed individual into the U.S. Senate. His name is Murray Sabrin, and he stands for the following:
  • Murray will never vote to increase taxes. He will work to cut every federal tax as much as possible. 
  • He will work to end Obamacare and return medical decisions to patients and their physicians .
  • Murray will never vote for a budget that is higher than the previous one, and will work to reduce the budget year after year to bring it in line with Article I, Sec. 8 of the Constitution.
  • Murray will work to end the federal government’s spying on the American people. 
  • Murray will call for an audit of the Federal Reserve.
Ron Paul has given his endorsement of Murray Sabrin stating the following:

“I have known Murray for 30 years, and he is a
true champion of liberty. I am proud to endorse his campaign
for U.S. Senate in New Jersey.”

If you have a family member, friend, or acquaintance in New Jersey, please let them know about Murray Sabrin. Have them visit his campaign site The U.S. government desperately needs another strong voice for the ideas of liberty and rule of law.

Finally, to have a great understanding of Murray's stance on all of the major issues, please listen to his recent appearance on The Robert Wenzel Show. Cory Booker would surely like to have anyone besides Murray on that debate stage!

Spread the word! And if you're able to, please make a generous donation to the Murray Sabrin U.S. Senate campaign:

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  1. Ron Paul does not believe in following the US Constitution. The Federal Reserve is not unconstitutional, the states do not have the right to unilaterally secede from the Union, and the Constitution limits govt's power to regulate birth control. Ron Paul says otherwise and he is wrong.

    The Fed is talked about today because of the financial crisis. It has nothing to do with misinformation disseminated by Ron Paul. Ron Paul does not even know that headline inflation includes food and fuel and he misinformed a large number of people when he said the Fed sent trillions overseas.

    Did the Fed create $15 trillion during the bailout and send $5 trillion overseas? Mostly False

    1. And which exactly article of Constitution permits US Govt to grant monopoly on money emission to a private cartel?

      JW: Clown.

    2. Re: Jerry Wolfgang,
      -- Ron Paul does not believe in following the US Constitution. The Federal Reserve is not unconstitutional, --
      Yes, it is.

      -- the states do not have the right to unilaterally secede from the Union,--

      There's NOTHING in the Constitution that says they can't secede, so your assertion is wrong. If you're talking about the 1869 Supreme Court Ruling, even a person as dishonest as you cannot simply ignore the prohibition in the Constitution against ex post facto laws.

      -- and the Constitution limits govt's power to regulate birth control. Ron Paul says otherwise and he is wrong. --

      When has Ron Paul ever said that the Federal Government has the power to regulate birth control?

      -- Did the Fed create $15 trillion during the bailout and send $5 trillion overseas? Mostly False--

      The link you provided contains an explanation that is both convoluted and misleading in itself. Saying that "The dollars in those loan programs went out and came back in through a revolving door" only serves to obfuscate the fact that these "loans" were sitting in the Federal Reserve making INTEREST for those banks, so it is not like that money doesn't exist. The politi-fact reporter failed to disclose that very important tidbit. The author also clearly ignores how fractional reserve banking works - even if you can argue that the "real" money is half of what the balance sheets of each bank states, that does not mean the banks cannot issue checks to borrowers in the amount stated in those balance sheets, as long as they can show they have 10% reserves. The author also obfuscated by insinuating that M2 is the measure of the true supply of money, failing to mention M3 which the Fed stopped reporting on back in 2005.

      The politifact author has it wrong, and Paul was right.

      The other interesting thing about this discussion is that you failed to mention that not only Ron Paul denounced the profligacy in these loans but so did socialist darling Bernie Sanders and liberal Dennis Kucinich.

  2. Don't know why you bang on about some constitution....
    Like a piece of paper will protect humans from voting parasites and Government guns.

  3. Murray Sabrin is a wackjob who believes in 0 taxes and 0 drug laws. Get the facts:

    1. The wackjob here is you, Anonymous. Drug laws create victimless crimes - and in the process of persecuting these create a lot of real violent crime and the ever-growing police state. Taxes are nothing more than armed robbery by other name.

      Sabrin is a principled libertarian - and calling for abolishing drug laws and taxes *is* the only position consistent with Non-Aggression Principle.

    2. We know, anon. Drug laws are the reason drug crimes are rampant.

      And why should anyone be FORCED to give money to a government that uses it yo murder,

    3. Eh yeah, anonymous.

      Taxes are theft euphemistically called otherwise because the theft is committed by a government employee instead of someone with another job. Did the government employee work to earn that money? No, that money was earned by the tax payer by doing labor in the productive market. The government employee than steals a percentage of it on a monthly basis, to provide services the tax payers may have never asked for, may not want, and may get cheaper and with higher quality if he had the choice to spend it elsewhere.

      Drug laws are violations of a person's right to own his OWN body and do with that own body as he or she sees fit. Drugs may be dangerous, but so are skydiving, rock climbing, eating junk food, race car driving and signing up for the military (where the government no longer cares if you get hurt or end up dying). Drug laws are about telling this person that he does NOT own his own body, that he does NOT get to decide what to do with it (even if he harms nobody else), and that the government in fact owns his body and determines what he can or cannot do with it.
      Therefore drug laws render people slaves of the government.

      Therefore, if you for taxes and for drug laws, you are for theft and you are for slavery.

      Now let me ask you again.
      WHO is really the whackjob?

    4. Why should we listen to a guy who can't even afford to get his "N" key fixed on his computer?

  4. Hasn't Ron Paul endorsed Rand Paul? ; ) There have been others, many haven't quite worked out.