Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Who's Coming To The Defense of Koch-Funded Students For Liberty?

By, Chris Rossini

Why, Dave Weigel for one...with a snark piece on The Ron Paul Institute. Weigel writes for Slate, but also wrote for the Koch-funded Reason. He still a contributing editor, according to Reason's website.

Also chiming in is the neocon-laden Washington Free Beacon, with it's second piece on The Ron Paul Institute in a matter of only 9 days. Here's the first one.

The Free Beacon is published by The Center For American Freedom, which has Bill Kristol as one of it's board members. The same Bill Kristol, who is yearning for someone to whip up war fever again.

So, The Ron Paul Institute has ruffled the warmongering feathers.

Stop there each day. It's the best source for articles about the Empire and its machinations.

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  1. Please check this magazine out:

    It seems to be part of this trend of wolves in sheep's clothing. It claims you can be a neoconservative and a libertarian.

  2. Isn't it funny how many of Reason's writers end up writing for revolting pro-state magazines or websites?

    You'd almost start wondering if these people were ever actually libertarian at all (not).