Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Are the SF Progress Haters Targeting SmartCars?

Or is it unemployed teenagers, who can't get jobs because of the current minimum wage? Either way, it appears to be the results of the loony left at work, in one form or another.

Three parked Smart Cars were tipped over in San Francisco early Monday, police said.


Police said a fourth car was reportedly tipped over near the corner of Prospect Street and Coso Avenue around the same time as the other three. Police said said the group of suspects was described as seven individuals in hooded sweatshirts.


  1. Lol!

    But, but, but, the media tells me that just because they wear hoodies doesn't mean they are criminals! There is no correlation between crime and people that want to hide their face!


  2. A few years ago I was waiting for the M4 at the stop on 32nd. A black Yukon with tinted windows and blasting subwoofers drove by, pulled up to a really tight parking spot (as usual in midtown on a weekday, there were no street parking spots available), but gave up and drove off.

    A few minutes later it re-appeared, slowed down in front of the tight spot, but again left, only to show up once more after clearly having circled the block. This time it came to a full stop in front of the spot and three burly guys hopped out.

    A SmartCar was the rear side of the open spot, so without seeming to exert much effort they picked it up, put it on the sidewalk, and their buddy parked. I've always wondered how many tickets that SmartCar had by the time the hapless driver returned.

  3. 6th rule of Fight Club...

  4. The reason why they tip SmartCars?
    'Cause they CAN!