Thursday, April 24, 2014

CatFish Named Senior Editor at Fusion

Via Capital New York:
The New York TimesRavi Somaiya reported late Wednesday that Felix Salmon—the popular Reuters finance blogger who confirmed he was leaving the news service this week—is joining the cable network Fusion as a senior editor.
In his new role at the network, a joint venture of ABC and Univision, Salmon said he will be working on the web to develop new techniques for news presentations that will include animations, videos and data visualizations.
"The reason why I am going to Fusion," he told Somaiya, "is that they have the ability to help me communicate in the ways that people are going to consume information in the future. Which is not 1,500-word blocks of text."
Salmon also cited Reuters' decision to shelve its consumer-facing project, Reuters Next, last year in his decision to leave. He told Somaiya, "when Reuters Next died, my opportunity to do fun Internet stuff died with it.”

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