Monday, April 7, 2014

Speak Democratically...Act Autocratically

By Chris Rossini

In today's news:

How strange.

This runs counter to what we all learned during our indoctrination sessions at "school". What happened to the "sacred right" to vote for our "representatives"? Wasn't the House supposed to be the legislative body that's "closest to the people," or some nonsense like that? 

After all, aren't these "public servants" who sacrificed being productive, in order to choose the "selfless" path of "serving their communities"? What happened to all the "How a Bill Becomes A Law" jargon?

The news is telling me the opposite: Who needs 'em? Forget Congress!

Let the President (and Mayors) do as they wish!

Now, even with the so-called representatives on board, there should be no such thing as "shrinking the gender pay gap" or "acting on climate change". Even a unanimous government can't make those boondoggles legitimate.

But if the power-lusters are going to keep up this "representative government" facade, they can at least do a better job at faking it.

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  1. This is great. Ignore the various levels of government. All people should do as they wish. Ignore the state.

  2. Obama's executive orders only impact federal contractors. He's enforcing a law passed by Congress. There is nothing he is doing that contradicts the standard lessons in school regarding "how a Bill becomes a law."

    1. Trolling like this, where you admit you are wrong on a fundamental subject but are still TOO STUPID to actually make a coherent argument...awesome.

      Keep coming back and soon you will actually be a libertarian. I can tell from the increasing incoherence of your posts that you can no longer find any socialist defense and yet you keep puking out non-sequitur bullshit.

      I love it- JWolf has finally accepted Rothbardian libertarianism!