Saturday, May 17, 2014

Al Gore's Sob Story

By Chris Rossini

Al Gore has a tummy ache:
“The American political system is an utter catastrophe. Our democracy has been hacked. The country is utterly and completely paralyzed. Hog-tied. And on a measure that will mean countless deaths in the future.”
Excuse me as I try to scrounge up a violin.

This guy, who wants to use The State to control the weather (the weather!!) and concomitantly control our lives, should be taken as seriously as the neocons. You see the neocons want to use The State to control the world militarily, while also controlling our lives. I'm sure the neocons feel "hog-tied" too at the present moment.

Authoritarians always get cranky when they have to compete with other authoritarians. What's Al Gore's excuse?
“The influence of money. The average member of the House and Senate has to spend five hours per day begging rich people for money. Begging rich interests for money!”
Oh really?

The leaches "have to" beg the cronies for money?

Did Ron Paul "have to" beg for money "five hours per day"? Of course not! The "rich people" never knocked on his door. They walked right by. Why was that? Is it because they knew Ron Paul wouldn't even think of tipping the scales in their favor? Is it because Ron Paul would not exercise any power that was not granted to him by the Constitution?

Grab a hankey Al Gore.

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  1. The neocons are not just cranks and quacks but malevolent and effective at getting their way. They need to be taken very seriously.

  2. He just expected that we'd be trading carbon credits on his trading platform by now and he'd be raking in hundreds of millions in fees. Sucks when your crony capitalist ship doesn't come in, especially after you spent all that money making movie and spending years hanging with some really loony people to run your propaganda machine. I love the gridlock we have now, but they still somehow find a way to agree and pass some pretty horrible legislation. Although, I do understand how those that desire a more authoritarian state could be upset.

    1. Yeah, and buying a huge mansion in santa barbara

  3. Al Gore: the turd that wouldn't flush.

    Just go away already.