Saturday, May 24, 2014

Even the Communists in Cuba Get It

Murray Sabrin reports in:

A very skimpy summary of the more than one hour editorial meeting at the Record,  The print edition headline was more “tame”—“Free-market advocate Sabrin keeps focus on big government.”

At any rate, during the Q&A I talked about cutting business taxes so multinational companies would flock to our shores because America would be the most attractive country to do business in, and lowering tax rates to close to zero would reduce the burden on domestic companies so they could concentrate on growing their enterprises instead of complying with the tax code and unnecessary regulations.

Cuba just announced a zero business tax for ten years so they could attract foreign investment.  After ten years, the corporate tax rate would be 15%.  Even the communists in Cuba get it; lowering taxes would grow the economy.  Shouldn’t “free enterprise” America have tax rates lower than communist Cuba?

I talked about ending crony capitalism and the Federal Reserve's money printing. I talked about protecting our civil liberties. In other words, we discussed how my agenda would increase prosperity, end the Fed created bubbles, and avoid military conflicts overseas.

I stuck to my guns--the limited government vision that has been deep sixed for decades would replace the big government that has given us unofficially 20% percent unemployment and rising prices...stagflation, and a federal government with a $200 trillion dollar unfunded liability.  This is the legacy of big government. 

In addition, I talked about a transition to a free enterprise, limited government society that would take 10-20 years to accomplish, so people can be weaned off of OPM (pronounced opium), other people's money--the worst addiction in our society.

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  1. Son of a....Fat man sabotaging the field.

  2. “What is the role of the government in a free society?”

    Simple. Get the fuck out of the way! End of story.