Saturday, May 24, 2014

How To Talk Like You're From Brooklyn

Video here.

How to talk like you're from the south, here.

And, finally, Siri vs. the Boston accent:

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  1. pretty soon everyone will hear you...

    NYPD considering using drones and gunshot detectors to fight crime Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Tuesday at a City Council committee hearing that he's 'supportive' of using drones.

    Big brother may be watching and listening more closely than ever — as the NYPD considers using drones and other gizmos to fight crime in the city.

    Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said the unmanned machines equipped with cameras and tiny microphones could help spy on crime hotspots — like housing projects, where shootings are up about 32% this year.

    “Myself, I’m supportive of the concept of drones, not only for police but for public safety in general,” Bratton said Tuesday. “It’s something that we actively keep looking at and stay aware of.”

    Bratton, speaking in front of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee, said the drones could also help the FDNY more quickly determine the extent of a fire.

    John Miller, the NYPD’s head of intelligence, said cops have been studying flying drones. They’re looking at “what’s on the market, what’s available.”

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