Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"I Found Myself Most Favorably Impressed By Murray Sabrin"

A non-libertarian attendee to a New Jersey Republican meeting took copious notes during Murray Sabrin's speech, and following the meeting sent this report out to her email list:
We had the Republican Club meeting last night for Candidates of the Primary Election. Two U.S. Senate Candidates came, and I found myself most favorably impressed by Murray Sabrin with whom I spoke for roughly 30 minutes subsequently. I thought you, too, would be interested in him. As his parents were the only family survivors of Hitler’s invasion of their native Poland, he honors the 2nd Amendment. He became a U.S. Citizen at the age of 12 ½. Having studied at Hunter College in the Bronx, he majored in History and minored in Geography. In 1969, he changed from being a liberal Democrat to a Conservative Republican. He earned his Ph.D. from Rutgers, and will not serve more than 2 terms. Currently, he is a Finance Professor at Ramapo College, teaching and endorsing the Free Market.

I have included a few of the points he made in his presentation for your review. All of these matters are of urgency, but two stand out as vital - the repeal of Common Core, putting the Federal Government back in its place and out of our lives, and not letting Executive Order 13603 come to fruition. Be sure to read the final points below.

Statistics he presented included:
·         55-60% of our children’s income will be funding social programs, if nothing changes.

·         The Road to Serfdom predicted these outcomes.

·         In reality, unemployment is 20%.

·         We need to lower Corporate Income Tax to acquire (& incentivize) business,

·         We need to lower individual Income Tax,

·         We need to limit the Federal Budget so that the Federal Government only does what the Constitution states it should do in Article 1, Section VIII

·         Will only support budgets that decrease spending each year, cutting the Federal budget

·         Pointed out that we currently have 80,000 pages of regulations in the Federal Register - hence,

·         We must downsize bureaucracy.

·         Common Sense Foreign Policy…no policing the world

·         Illegal Immigration - NO amnesty, no citizenship, but permanent residence in the US,

o   No more Anchor Babies!

·         Common Core - BE GONE! Ronald Reagan ran on getting rid of the Department of Education (a bone thrown by Jimmy Carter to the NEA). According to Murray Sabrin, Education is too important to be in the hands of the Federal Government.

·         Murray Sabrin also pointed out a most dreadful fact which I was surprised more were not aware of: that we are only one step away from a dictatorship. If Obama declares a national emergency, Obama will control all, ALL of our economics, and we will have an economic dictatorship. (He’s done much of that already!) This would occur through the use of his Executive Order 13603.

Murray also sent me this note in an email:
 This is our moment
Two weeks to go to the June 3rd primary, and we are getting closer every day of reaching our financial goal so we can reach GOP voters our message that is resonating throughout the state:  free enterprise, limited government and civil liberties...

Today begins our five day Money Bomb to raise $50,000 so we can mail, go on radio and spread the message of liberty throughout New Jersey.  Any level of support you can make today athttp://murraysabrin2014.com/donate/, from $25 to the legal maximum of $2,600, will fund our GOTV initiative.

Given the number of people who have made verbal commitments to me over the past couple of months and the number of freedom loving individuals who receive my updates, we should be able to raise $50,000 in 24 hours. 

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  1. Should we call Murray Sabrin a small government guy? He seems to support taxation and the border patrol.