Friday, May 16, 2014

Let Not One Bogus Democracy Accuse Another

By Chris Rossini

Democracy itself is a sham. Choosing the crook that will rob you (without the choice of not being robbed) is a dream come true for authoritarians.

However, it's always amusing when The U.S. Empire tries to create some kind of moral high ground, by claiming that it's crook-choosing process is better than those of other gangs.

Neocon Michael Rubin, who is constantly agitating for conflict with Iran uses this argument:
There are no free elections inside the Islamic Republic. The Guardian Council selects candidates, and so sets the parameters of debate...The supreme leader keeps power by insuring a rotation of factions.
And this is different from the U.S. how?

In the U.S., the Republicans and Democrats select candidates and the parameters of debate. It's a total charade that "insures a rotation of factions". Say anything that does not appear on the Woodsian 3x5 index card, and you're banished.

Oh look! There's Ron Paul!

"Ahh, but the U.S. doesn't have a Supreme Leader," you may say. To which I would respond, "We actually have 9 Supreme Leaders".

Ryan McMaken lays it out perfectly:
If there was ever any doubt that public schooling has been an immense success when it comes to conditioning children to blindly accept even the most implausible myths of governance, we only need look to the high regard in which most Americans hold the Supreme Court. The fact that nine modern philosopher kings are empowered to sit in judgment of every American law and custom, right down to whether or not a city council meeting, in a town virtually no American could find on a map, can include some bland prayer time. It troubles no school child that he is taught that democracy is the source of legitimacy for all governments one minute, and then the next minute is told he should fully trust nine lawyers in robes in Washington, D.C. to have the final word on law for 300 million Americans.
Let not one bogus democracy accuse another.

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  1. And this is different from the U.S. how?
    The Iranians are more honest in their authoritarianism.

  2. Here in Georgia, we have a very important primary on May 20.
    You may choose a Democrat, Republican, or Non-Partison ballot.
    The only races that are commen to all three ballots are Nine very important positions.
    Judges.........Federal and State.
    (You may check the box if you like.......dumbasses).
    (personally I always write in Brian Nichols...a great American).
    Democracy my arse.

    1. Could interpret this as good news. The vast majority of the population has absolutely zero interest in participating in the ridiculous charade of bullying their fellow citizens in the name of "public service."

      Maybe eventually the incumbents will die and nobody will run at all. We can dream, can't we?

    2. The local talking heads are also bemoaning the estimated extremely low turn-out for this election.(record breaking).
      I think this is good news.
      Eventhough I wroke up and refuse to vote(since 2012), I have to see a sample ballot to direct my wife on how to vote.
      I still allow my wife voting priviledges.

  3. I agree the supreme court is simply another tool for coercive big government. However, suggesting public schooling is to blame for it being held in high esteem by the public is not supported by history. The SC has been issuing coercive liberty killing rulings which were accepted by most of the population since the day it came into existence and that was long before public education. No, the problem is much more fundamental because contrary to Matt M's comment the population exhibits a great deal of interest jn bullying their fellow citizens for all kinds of reasons. Actions speak louder than words.

  4. JT is right. The difference between Iranian and US democracy is that Iran admits that their elections are controlled.

  5. Someone else...LOL. Yeah I remember that. Get out and vote if you don;t like the present idiot in The Imperial Chair. LOL! Right. What.....a......joke!