Sunday, May 18, 2014

Most Ridiculous Baby Names from 2013

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Last week the Social Security administration released its list of baby names for 2013. The media was filled with stories reporting on the most popular monikers at the top of the list: Sophia Emma and Olivia among the girls and Noah, Liam and Jacob among the boys.

A baby-naming website called Nameberry decided to tell a different story and look at the bottom of the list where the least popular names live. Among these you’ll find 1,400 brand-new baby names given for the very first time to five or more children in the United States.

“As you might imagine, most of these names are pretty far out on the ledge,” says Nameberry co-founder Pamela Redmond Satran. “There are lots of  creative spellings of more conventional names: Finlea and Massyn, Elynne and Karsan.  There are names from around the world freshly introduced to the US: Junhao and Mokshith and Motoki. … There are new word names and place-names and surname-names — Revelation and Tokyo and Thoreau.  And there are even a couple of wonderful old names – Hypatia and Thisbe, Romilly and Calisto — revived for the modern world.”

But Satran says all of these names are rather ordinary compared to the list of unusual names Satran’s team pulled from the Social Security Administration. Below you’ll find a selection from Nameberry’s wackiest monikers. Some of these were given to five or fewer children, while, surprisingly, others were ranked much higher.


Vanellope, 63

Burklee, 10

Pistol, 9

Happiness, 8

Pemberley, 8

Envie, 7

Prim, 7

Rarity, 7

Avaa, 6

Charlemagne, 6

Kinzington, 6

Prezlee, 6

Ransom, 5

Rebelle, 5

Sierraleone, 5

Siqi, 5

Snowy, 5

Temprince, 5


Rydder, 10

Jceion, 10

Hatch, 8

Tuf, 8

Lloyal, 7

Psalms, 7

Xzaiden, 7

Charger, 6

Forever, 6

Kyndle, 6

Power, 6

Warrior, 6

Gospel, 5

Kaptain, 5

Subaru, 5

Vice, 5


  1. lol..."Subaru"...I suppose that's the younger "Fast & Furious" crowd popping out kids.

    I used to laugh about "Mercedes", but at least the aspirations of the parents were known, then all of a sudden "Lexus" came into vogue and was a little more funny to me- but "Subaru"? LMAO!

    1. Hot name in 20-yr, "Rickshaw"?

    2. Mercedes is really a girl's name. The car was named after someone's daughter.

  2. Still better than 'Chauncey'...

  3. We named our son Jackson as we wanted a Jack. But everyone asks us how it is spelled because lots of people are going with Jaxon for the spelling. To me this is a sign of the times: people who are so self-absorbed and so "look at me" with their heads buried in celebrity gossip mags (when their heads aren't buried up their asses) that they doom their kids to a life of having to spell their name all because the parents think they are special and have to be different.

    I can't help stereotyping these parents as pathetic, attention junkie idiots whenever I come across a Jaxon or some other uncommon spelling of a common name.