Sunday, May 18, 2014

Switzerland Votes Against $24.70 Minimum Wage

Sanity in the Alps.

CBC News reports:
Swiss voters have overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to introduce what would have been the highest minimum wage in the world in a referendum.

The minimum wage proposal was rejected by 76% of voters. Supporters had argued it would "protect equitable pay" but the Swiss Business Federation said it would harm low-paid workers in particular.
It is a clear vote by the people, a vote of trust in the economy,” Hans-Ulrich Bigler, director of the Swiss trades association, told Swiss television.

The measure would have affected around 300,000 people – around 10 percent of the population – many of whom are in agricultural or service work.

Government ministers fought against the measure, however, and insisted that it would damage the economy, running small companies out of business and making it harder for young people to find employment.

A minimum wage won’t stop poverty,” Economic Minister Johann Schneider-Ammann told The Christian Science Monitor. “This system would be counterproductive.


  1. This raises many questions. First, how easy is it to get a referendum like this on the ballot in Switzerland? There must have been some basis for believing the "yes" side of it had some support ... no?

    1. 1. it takes a minimum of 100'000 certified signatures of Swiss citizens and only Swiss citizens.2. it was the Socialist Party, which has made this "initiative". (Article of the Constitution created by the people)3. it is the voter strength of the Socialist Party of Switzerland, 24% leaves and they flood the political landscape with their nonsense, no matter whether or not they have a chance.Just Socialists.Greetings from the Swiss

  2. That's good for Switzerland. 76% of the people there know enough basic economics to vote against this bill; sad to hear about the other 24%. Unfortunately I don't think this will stop determined socialist idiots (did I repeat myself?) like Sawant from pushing through their inane, destructive proposals.

  3. I'm pretty sure stupid legislation like this would be passed in America if put to a vote.

  4. Are they just wiser, or is there something more at play?

  5. Finally, some people who at least succeed a little in that rare thing called THINKING.