Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tom Friedman: Rotten Watermelon

By Chris Rossini

Tom ("The Scholar") DiLorenzo describes a typical watermelon as:
...a totalitarian socialist whose real objective is to revive socialism and economic central planning under the subterfuge of "saving the planet" from capitalism. He is "green" on the outside, but red on the inside, and is hence appropriately labeled a "watermelon."
Tom ("The Swindler") Friedman fits the bill perfectly in his latest piece:
One way to get us to act with an intergenerational perspective is to enlarge the problem beyond climate — to make people understand that this is our generation’s freedom struggle. The abiding strategy of our parents’ generation was “containment” of communism in order to be free. The abiding strategy of our generation has to be “resilience.” We will only be free to live the lives we want if we make our cities, country and planet more resilient.
Reminds one of William Buckley who wanted "a totalitarian bureaucracy within our shores" in order to battle the economic basket-case known as Communism.

Friedman knows the drill. Americans were frightened into submission back then...why not do it again? This time though, the boogeyman will be called Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption:
What containment was for our parents’ generation — their strategy to fight for freedom against the biggest threat of their day — resiliency will be for our generation against the multiple threats of our day: climate change, petro-dictatorship and destruction of our environment and biodiversity.
Let's always speak-out against the watermelons, and make sure they can't pull off their totalitarian ruse.

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  1. Chris, they will not take ignorant rubes seriously unless you know the terminology. It's called "Climate Disruption" now, so get with the program!


    1. Oh man...time to change again?

      Post updated.

    2. I'm not a big fan of Mr. Limbaugh; however, his reference to the term "low information voter" succinctly described the problem you have referenced.

  2. Well, I thought I did a pretty good job with the climate to keep people from getting bored, hot cold, hot cold. Keeps people from getting complacent or thinking they always live in a Garden of Eden.

  3. In that same Friedman NYT essay he also advocates having an appointed "board" made up of academics and other worthies to supposedly "represent" future generations. This "objective" group would then have about 20% of the vote allocated to them to supposedly safeguard the interests of unborn generations.
    So much for democracy. Just a smokescreen for the appointed NYT elite to govern the "climate denier" masses. The proposal was actually made in the Friedman piece cited above!

    1. Did Friedman In that essay also advocate appointing a group of experts to look after the economic prospects of unborn generations ruined by the machinations of today's central banking and government debt?