Sunday, June 1, 2014

Help For Teens Who Have Been Gobbled Up By The State

By Chris Rossini

Let's break it down:

A "teen" who never heard of the free market?
Think about that...Only in a world where The State dominates education, the media, and entertainment can you reach "teenage" years and never hear about the free market.

Compare this tragic human occurrence to what takes place in the wild. When a baby wildebeest is born, he must immediately learn how to walk and run. Why? Because if he doesn't, he can be gobbled up by the lions!

Well, humans who do not understand the free market are gobbled up by The State!

What is the free market?
The free market is nothing more than a series of voluntary exchanges. No one has the privilege (or the legal authority) to use aggressive force against another person to get what he wants. Everyone is free to exchange and trade without a third party (i.e., The State) sticking its nose in to dictate the terms.

Is that so complex? How long would you give an average human to understand something so simple?

Here's the challenge. Just as the lions do not care if the wildebeest is a youngling, The State doesn't care either. It gobbles up the kids early. It's now setting up "universal pre-K"!!

So there isn't much time!

You surely can't wait until teenage years. By that point, The State will have your kid calling for an increase in the minimum wage, and asking you to take him to the Lincoln Memorial.

Should teens learn from "pictures or a game"? 
Are the words "voluntary exchange, without aggressive force" too much for a teenager to handle?

C-SPAN? Really?
Ron Paul is no longer in Congress, which means there is no good reason to watch C-SPAN anymore.

For teenagers who want to free their minds from the nonsense they've been fed all their lives, here are the resources that will lift them out of the abyss:

Economics In One Lesson - by Henry Hazlitt
The Mises Institute
The Ron Paul Channel
The Ron Paul Institute For Peace & Prosperity

...and of course,

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  1. Quite a bit of haughty ignorance here. On weekends CSPAN2 has 48 hours of Book TV, where there are interviews and discussions with various authors of non-fiction books –it has nothing to do with congress. Do you know who Amity Shlaes is? She is an Austrian-friendly author who wrote the marvelous history of the Great Depression “The Forgotten Man”, “the Greedy Hand -- a condemnation of the federal government's highway robbery and most recently a biography of Coolidge. While I share your diagnosis of the State indoctrination of teenagers in the government schools, why do you have a problem with exposing them to free market economics through means other than a list of books and your blog?