Friday, June 27, 2014

Paul Krugman's Truth-Twisting on Obamacare: A Neverending Story

Chris Conover writes:
If there were a Nobel Prize for truth-twisting, Paul Krugman surely would be heavily favored to win.  His most recent blog post offers ample supporting evidence for this proposition. He claims that critics of Obamacare are zero for six in their “predictions of Obamacare doom.”  But the reality is that Prof. Krugman himself is at best batting 2 for 6...

Prof. Krugman concludes with his usual modesty: “It’s quite an impressive track record, actually.” It would be hard to imagine anyone who looks at Obamacare even-handedly drawing such a rosy conclusion.  While it might be unreasonable to ever expect that the recipient of PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year in 2013 would ever publicly acknowledge it, there’s a good reason Kathleen Sebelius no longer is the head of HHS.

And Prof. Krugman’s snarky parting shot? “And what’s even more impressive is that none of the usual suspects will even consider admitting having been wrong.”  He might consider the obvious explanation for this: when the claims of most Obamacare critics are evaluated fairly and honestly, they were never wrong in the first place.

Read Conover's total demolition of Krugman claims here.

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